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WARWICK FARM 23.05.45 01.06.45 Race Course Temp Huts Hume Hwy. SYDNEY

MARYBOROUGH 01.06.45 15.11.45 Airfield Temp Huts PIALBA ROAD MARYBOROUGH

SCHOFIELDS 15.11.45 08.06.46 Airfield Temp Huts Quaker Road SYDNEY


Commanding Officers

WARWICK FARM Capt McCLINTOCH H.V.P 23.05.45 01.06.45

MARYBOROUGH Capt McCLINTOCH H.V.P 01.06.45 15.11.45

SCHOFIELDS Capt McCLINTOCH H.V.P 15.11.45 08.06.46


NB Unit was named HMS Nabstock


The Maleny Sub Branch of the RSL have a hall which came from the Maryborough district after WW2 and they had a clue that it was part of the instructional system at HMS Nabstock at Maryborough. It was an old wooden cinema. The Maleny Sub Branch want to get the complete history of the hall.


Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm in Australia during WW2



I would like to thank Dennis Whiley for his assistance with the above information.

I'd like to thank Roly Rowsell, an Ex Aircraft Mechanic in the RN FAA and the RAN FAA, and member of the Maleny Sub Branch of the RSL for his assistance with this home page.


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