Base Section 3 Headquarters were established in Somerville House in Brisbane.



No. 1 Air Support Unit RAAF No. 1 Initial Flying Training School No. 2 Air Ambulance Unit
No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School 3rd Bomb Group, USAAC 3 Stores Depot RAAF
No. 4 Communications Flight 5 Transportation and Movements Office RAAF 8 Fighter Sector, USAAC
8 Fighter Sector Headquarters, RAAF 8th Fighter Group, USAAC 15th Weather Squadron
19th Bomb Group, USAAC 20th Combat Mapping Squadron, 6th Photographic Group, Reconnaissance 22nd Bomb Group, USAAC
23 Squadron RAAF 27th Bomb Group, USAAC 35th Fighter Group, USAAC
38th Bomb Group 38 (T) Squadron RAAF 49th Fighter Group, USAAC
 49th Service Squadron 76 Squadron RAAF 81st Air Depot Group
194 Staging Post RAF
At Archerfield from July 1945 &
there in February 1946
No. 323 Radar Squadron No. 324 Radar Station
No. 325 Radar Station No. 342 Radar Station 345th Bomb Group, USAAF
375th Troop Carrier Group 1315 Transport Flight RAF
Air Defence Headquarters, Brisbane, RAAF
Air Transport Command (US) Archerfield - RAAF Station Directorate of Air Transport
Netherlands East Indies Transport Section - Brisbane    



1st Cavalry Division 2 Convalescent Depot (or Camp)
(Holland Park)
2nd Australian Women's Hospital
Redbank, then Yeronga
2/5th Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(2/5 HAA)
2/2nd HAA Regiment
3 A.A.O.D.V.P.
(Mount Gravatt)
Was this located at the Pacific Golf Course?
3rd Portable Surgical Hospital, USASOS, US Army
3rd Australian Camp Hospital (3 ACH)
Enoggera, Brisbane, QLD
3rd Medical Laboratory
  4 Australian Camp Hospital (4 ACH)
Located in Brisbane Exhibition Grounds
4 Australian Ordnance Vehicle Park
(Kessels Rd., Mt Gravatt)
4th Engineer Amphibian Brigade  
  5th Australian Pigeon Section
Australian Corps of Signals Pigeon Service
6th US Army HQ
6th Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(6 HAA)
2/2nd HAA Regiment
14th Anti-Aircraft Command (U.S. Army)
(AMP Building)
24 Lines of Communications, Military Signals Unit
(at Indooroopilly, now St Peter's Lutheran Church)
28th Chemical Company
(Blunder Road)
38th Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(38 HAA)
2/2nd HAA Regiment
40th Coastal Artillery Brigade (U.S. Army)
42nd General Hospital (US)
(Stuartholme, then Holland Park)
43rd Landing Craft Company
3rd Water Transport Group
(Coochiemudlo Island)
46th Battalion
"The Brighton Rifles"
48th Quartermaster Truck Regiment
(3rd Battalion at Camp Freeman and others at Redbank)
52 Wireless Section
Australian Special Wireless Group
52nd Signal Corps (US)
56 Battery Royal Australian Engineers
(Nudgee Beach)
56 AASL Coy 61st Australian Infantry Battalion (AIF)
68 AASL Coy 72 AASL Coy 72nd Australian Camp Hospital
Tenterfield, NSW
73 AASL Coy  77th Australian Camp Hospital (77 ACH)
Tenterfield, NSW
81st Australian Camp Hospital (81 ACH)
84th Ordnance Company (Dep) 94th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment, US Army 101 Convalescent Depot
 101 Convalescent Camp
Holland Road, Holland Park
102 Australian General Hospital at Ekibin then Holland Park
104th Coastal Artillery (AA Separate) Battalion, US Army
40th Anti-aircraft Brigade
111th Transport Company
(Aus Army)
Park opposite Toowong Cemetery gates
112th Transport Company
(Aus Army)
(Chermside, then Holland Park)
112 AGH
(112 Army General Hospital)
(Kangaroo Point then Greenslopes)
113th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment 114th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment 113th Transport Company
(Aus Army)
120th Field Artillery (US)
32nd Division
126th Infantry 32nd Division
(Camp Cable)
126 Signal Radio Intelligence Company (126 S.R.I Co.)
Direction Finding (Radar) site Stafford
129th Field Artillery
32nd Division
131st Field Artillery Regiment 147th Field Artillery Regiment, US National Guard
148th Field Artillery Regiment 148th Aust. G.T. Coy
Off Newman Rd
155th Station Hospital (US Army)
Near Camp Cable looked after patients from Camp Cable and Round Mountain
162nd Ordnance Platoon,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
166th AAA Gun Bn. 172nd Station Hospital (US)
(Nudgee Junior College at Indooroopilly)
197th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment 207th Quartermaster Battalion (Gasoline Supply), Company "A",
(later 190th Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company)
262nd Medical Battalion,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
287th Signal Company
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
338th Ordnance Company 362nd Quartermaster Battalion,
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
391st Engineers 440th Signal Battalion 534th Engineer Amphibian Regiment
4th Engineer Amphibian Brigade
 542nd Engineer Amphibian Regiment
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
 565th Aircraft Warning Battalion, US Army
Operated Fighter Sector Headquarters No. 8 for a short period
577th Ordnance Ammunition Company
578th Ordnance Company 651st Light Anti-Aircraft Battery 636th Ammunition Ordnance Company
Darra Ordnance Ammunition Depot
738th Military Police Battalion 814th MP Battalion (US) 832nd Signal Service Company, Signal Section, USASOS
2052nd QM Truck Co. (Avn) 2053rd QM Truck Co. (Avn) 2058th QM Truck Co. (Avn)
5203rd Quartermaster Truck Battalion
(Camp Freeman)
Allied Geographical Section Allied Translation and Interpretation Section (ATIS)
Anti-aircraft guns on Mount Coot-tha American Embalming Unit
Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds
Counter Intelligence Corps, G-2 Section, HQ U.S.A.A.F.E.
Field Security Service
Indooroopilly Golf Links
or Field Security Re-enforcement Depot, Long Pocket
Hirings Section,
No. 1 L of C
Headquarters, Brisbane Fortress Command
Indonesian troops at Mt Gravatt Showground
Indonesian troops at Wacol
(where Wacol prison is located, Brisbane)
Motor Command
Base Section Three
No. 1 Special Wireless Group (Canadian Military Unit) Native Labour Company
Apollo Road, Bulimba
Provisional Lighter Company
2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade
Provisional Field Artillery Brigade Provost Marshall - Base Section No 3
South Brisbane Old Town Hall, Vulture St.
Quartermaster Morgue
Co-located with 3rd Medical Lab'y at Yeerongpilly
Searchlight Unit on Mount Coot-tha Staff Judge Advocate Section, USAFFE Section 22, GHQ, SWPA
(Intelligence Unit)
Transportation Corps, Base Section 3 US Radar Unit
44 Buckle St., Northgate
Water Transport (Small Craft) Training Centre
Water Transport (Landing Craft) Training Centre
(Victoria Point)



1st Marine Division (USMC) 55th Battalion Seabees 60th Battalion Seabees
77th Battalion Seabees 84th Battalion Seabees 91st Battalion Seabees
Aircraft and Surface Craft Recognition School (U.S. Navy)
(New Farm)
Anti-submarine Warfare Training Unit (U.S. Navy)
(New Farm)
Audio Visual Aids Training Library (U.S. Navy)
(New Farm)
Fleet Air Wing 17, (FAW-17)
(US Navy)
Fleet Hospital No. 109, U.S. Navy (Belmont)

earlier called Mobile Hospital No. 9

Headquarters, Com Seventh Fleet (U.S. Navy)
(AMP Building)
Headquarters, ComSerFor, Seventh Fleet (U.S. Navy) HMAS Moreton
(The Domain)
HMS Nabreekie - Meeandah
(Monab VII)
HMS Nabsford - Archerfield Impregnation Unit No. 2 (U.S. Navy)
Maintenance Office (Ships) Navy 134 (U.S. Navy)
Material Recovery Unit No. 6
Merchant Marine anti-aircraft training station
Wellington Point, Brisbane
Built by 55th & 84th Seabees
Mobile Explosives Investigation Unit No 1.
Naval Magazine and Mine Assembly Depot - Mount Coot-tha (U.S. Navy)
Night Lookout Training Center (U.S. Navy)
(New Farm)
Shore Patrol (U.S. Navy)
(Brisbane CBD)
Subchaser SC 738 Subchaser SC 648, US Navy Submarine Base New Farm
(US Navy)
Submarine Repair Unit (U.S. Navy)
U.S. Navy Mobile Hospital No. 9, (MOB 9)
(near Camp Hill Hotel)

later called Fleet Hospital No. 109

US Navy Submarine Supply Center
VP-101 of Fleet Air Wing 10 (US Navy)      



Allied Works Council
Between Murphy Rd, Ellison Rd, Newman Rd and Hamilton Rd, Chermside

(UBD Map 120)
Civil Construction Corps
Between Murphy Rd, Ellison Rd, Newman Rd and Hamilton Rd, Chermside
(UBD Map 120)
Rocklea Munitions Factory


Military Units in the Rocklea, Moorooka and
Salisbury areas of Brisbane during WW2


The "Battle of Brisbane"

Archerfield Airfield

5th Air Force USAAF

Netherlands East Indies Air Force

South West Pacific area of Command

Air Defence Areas for Australia

Military Airfields in Australia and
the Western Pacific area during WW2


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