Thomas McDermott (/McDermitt/McDermid)
Born  abt. 1831 in Sligo, Ireland


There is a Thomas McDERMOTT shown in the Queensland LD Postal Directories living at Ferry Land, Maryborough from 1892 to 1893.

Yvonne Bean found some information that showed a Thomas and Ann McDermott and a son Patrick aged 20 years, arriving in Maryborough in 1885.

Thomas was apparently a ship's fitter on the wharves in Glasgow. He is shown on his daughter, Ann's Birth Certificate (born on 10 Jun 1855) as a 24 year old, iron ship builder who was born at Sligo, Ireland. He is shown on his daughter Ann's Marriage Certificate in 1873 as Thomas McDermitt, iron ship fitter - journeyman and his wife as Ann Loag.

Thomas's daughter Ann's Birth certificate shows that Thomas and his wife Ann had 4 previous children, 1 boy, 1 girl living and 2 girls deceased.

The 1851 census had this family in College St behind the High St:-

Thomas McDermitt Head 22 Apprentice Boilermaker Ireland
Ann McDermitt Wife 25   Greenock, RFW
Mary McDermitt Dau 1    
Batholomew Long BroIL 32 Dock Labourer Greenock, RFW
Marie Long SisIL 23 Ag Lab Greenock, RFW

There was a Thomas McDermott, fitter, aged 51 yrs and an Ann McDermott aged 50 yrs and a Patrick McDermott, labourer aged 20 yrs all from Lanark who arrived on the ship Gulf of Carpentaria as Remittance Passengers at Maryborough on about first week in August 1885 not long before Ann died on 19 Sep 1885.

All three were able to read and write and were shown to be Roman Catholics.

The Gulf of Carpentaria, 2000 tons, left Glasgow on 10 June 1885 and arrived in Brisbane on 12 August 1885 with Captain Thompson, Surgeon Superintendant Dr. J. Marshall and Matron Mrs. McKeddie.

Thursday 6 August, 1885

Gulf of Carpentaria, Clyde line steamer, from Glasgow via ports for Brisbane, with immigrants and a general cargo, reached Keppell Bay at 7 a.m. yesterday. She is due to anchor in Hervey Bay to-night or to-morrow.


Friday 7 August, 1885

Gulf of Carpentaria, Clyde line steamer, from Glasgow via ports for Brisbane, with immigrants and a general cargo, reached Keppell Bay at 7 a.m. on Wednesday. She is due to anchor in Hervey Bay to-night or to-morrow.


Saturday 8 August, 1885

Gulf of Carpentaria, Clyde line steamer, from Glasgow via ports for Brisbane, anchored at the White Cliffs at 10 a.m. yesterday. She tranships 300 tons of general cargo and 94 immigrants in Maryborough.


Saturday 8 August, 1885

The Clyde line steamer, Gulf of Carpentaria, anchored at the White Cliffs at about 10 o'clock yesterday morning. The vessel left Glasgow on June 9th last with a general cargo and immigrants for Queensland ports. There are 94 of the latter and 300 tons of cargo of Maryborough. The Agents' (Messrs. John Walker & Co.;) steamer Pacific, from Bundaberg, went alongside the above vessel for the purpose of bringing the cargo and immigrants for this port. The Immigration and Customs officials were taken to the White Cliffs by Messrs. Wilson, Hart and Co's steamer, Sir John Young, yesterday morning. The Pacific is expected to arrive at the Government wharf this morning.


Monday 10 August, 1885

Pacific, steamer from Bundaberg and the White Cliffs, arrived at Maryborough on Saturday at about 7 p.m. with cargo and 112 immigrants from the steamer Gulf of Carpentaria. The vessel left the Government wharf on Sunday morning early to return to the White Cliffs and bring the balance of the cargo for this port from the above steamer.


Monday 10 August, 1885

The immigrants per the Clyde line steamer Gulf of Carpentaria were landed at the Government wharf on Saturday evening by the Agents' (Messrs. John Walker & Co., Limited) steamer Pacific. The last-named vessel also lightered part of the cargo for this port and left again yesterday morning to bring the balance, which will be landed today. There were 124 souls conducted from the wharf to the depot, and are classified as follows:- 64 single men, 22 single women, 18 married people, 17 children, and 3 infants. They are all strong and healthy-looking, and seem fit for any amount of hard work. Among the above are 53 farm laborers, 5 laborers, 2 ploughmen, 1 master mariner, 1 pattern maker, 1 ship fitter, 1 tailor, 1 leather cutter, 1 miner, 1 slater, 1 coach smith, which with 22 single women makes a total of 70 persons open for engagement at the depot this morning. The steamer Gulf of Carpentaria is under the command of Captain R. Thomson, and the immigrants were in charge of Dr. J. Marshall. The vessel has already made six voyages to the Australian Colonies, but has never come to Queensland ports before.


Tuesday 11 August, 1885

August 10. - Gulf of Carpentaria, Clyde line steamer, Captain Thomson (from the White Cliffs) for Brisbane. John Walker & Co. Limited, Agents.


Tuesday 11 August, 1885

The immigrants by the steamer Gulf of Carpentaria, who were available for hire yesterday at the depot, have been fairly successful in finding employment. As was expected, all the single women were at once engaged. Out of the 64 single men, 24 have met with favourable engagements, while only one of the three married couple who came to the depot now remain there.


Wednesday 12 August, 1885

Gulf of Carpentaria, Clyde line steamer, from Glasgow via ports for Brisbane, would reach her destination yesterday. She has a large quantity of general cargo and 217 immigrants for the metropolis.


Saturday 15 August, 1885

Of the 112 immigrants which arrived at Maryborough last Saturday, the Clyde steamer, Gulf of Carpentaria, from Glasgow, there are only 26 left, all of whom are single men, and agricultural laborers. To have such a class of labor remaining in the depot of a district like this is scarcely consistent with the hue-and-cry set up only very recently of the security of labor. Our immigration agents at home state there is a constant demand for the above kind of labor, and also that employment on arrival here is certain.


Tuesday 18 August, 1885

The Gulf of Carpentaria, s., which was wrecked on Monday at 2 p.m. off Wilson's Promontory, struck on a rock not marked on the chart, lying in the west entrance to the channel between Cliffy and Anser Islands. She struck three times very heavily and passed over, carrying away her rudder and sternpost. She began to fill with water at once, and had 17 inches in her afterhold within 17 minutes. Captain Thomson cleared four of the boats, and with passengers and crew left the vessel about 15 minutes after striking, but stood by until she sank at 11:50 a.m. The engines were stopped immediately the vessel struck. No effects have been saved. The Minister for Trade and Customs has issued a notice warning to masters of vessels to keep a sharp lookout for floating wreckage. The Gulf of St. Vincent a sister ship to the wrecked vessel, will leave Melbourne to-morrow morning for Sydney, and will call at Wilson's Promontory to take the captain and crew on to Sydney. The Gulf of Carpentaria was 2454 tons gross, and 1596 tons net register, and was built at West Hartlepool in 1881. She had on board 1500 tons of Coal for Port Adelaide.


18 September 1885

At the Police Court yesterday, before the Police Magistrate H.R. Buttanshaw, Esq., one inebriate was fined 5 s. with alternative of 8 hours imprisonment. Thomas McDermott, for having used obscene language, was fined 1 Pound, or in default 7 days imprisonment.


NOTE: The above incident of obscene language occurred the day before his daughter Ann O'Doherty (nee McDermott) was buried.

The Queensland Post Office Directories show:-

1892 1893 O'DOUGHERTY Bernard, ganger, Howard
  McDERMOTT Thomas,   Ferry Lane, Maryboro'

The QLD Death Indexes show the following deaths after 1885:-

Thomas McDermott Thomas McDermott Mary Galagher 1891
Thomas Christopher McDermott Patrick McDermott Mary Cuseen 6 Aug 1906

There is no Will or Intestacy for Thomas McDermott dying in Southern QLD in 1891.


Descendants of: Thomas McDermid          
1 Thomas McDermid 
  m. Mary Galagher 
   2 Thomas (McDermott/McDermitt) McDermid b. abt 1831 d. 24 Jul 1891 
     m. 16 Sep 1848 Ann (Logue/Dogue/Long) Loag b. abt 1827 d. 7 Mar 1890 
      3 Mary McDermitt b. abt 1850 
      3 Ann (McDermott) McDermitt b. 10 Jun 1855 d. 19 Sep 1885 
        m. 10 Oct 1873 Bernard  (Barnie) (Dougherty) O'Doherty b. 10 Jun 1854 d. 4 May 1916 
         4 Edward (O'Doherty) Dougherty b. 9 May 1874 d. abt 1874 
         4 Catherine (O'Doherty) Dougherty b. 19 Jun 1875 d. bef Aug 1878 
         4 Margaret Docharty b. abt 1878 d. 2 Apr 1881 
         4 Thomas McDermott O'Doherty b. 10 Mar 1880 d. 12 Apr 1959 
           m. 31 Jan 1914 Margaret Mary Long b. 4 May 1889 d. 29 May 1981 
            5 Thomas O'Doherty b. abt 1915 d. abt 13 Nov 1915 
            5 Alice (Ally) Teresa O'Doherty b. 17 Jul 1918 
              m. 21 Sep 1942 Harold Francis Donaghue b. 15 Jul 1915 d. 30 Jan 1975 
            5 Kathleen (Kath) Mary O'Doherty b. 21 Aug 1921 d. 12 Nov 1982 
            5 Bernard Joseph O'Doherty b. 6 May 1926 
              m. 15 Mar 1958 Lorna (Nancy) Mildred Holland 
            5 Edward (Ted) Thomas O'Doherty b. 17 Apr 1928 d. 24 Feb 1977 
         4 Margaret O'Doherty b. 25 Apr 1882 d. 12 Aug 1902 
           m. 2 Jan 1901 John Hallek 
         4 Hugh Patrick (Pop) O'Doherty b. 10 Feb 1884 d. 19 Dec 1952 
           m. 15 Mar 1958 Hannah Stephenson b. 23 May 1886 d. 21 Jul 1946 
            5 Bernard (Bern) John O'Doherty b. 25 Feb 1919 d. 10 Jul 1979 
              m. 22 Mar 1943 Margaret Elizabeth Helen Devlin b. 18 Jun 1921 
            5 Patricia Margaret O'Doherty 
              m. George Thomas Burton 
            5 Arthur Edward O'Doherty 
              m. Peggy *Unknown 
            5 Irene May O'Doherty 
              m. Raymond Victor Wells d. bef 1995 
            5 Maud O'Doherty 
            5 Katherine O'Doherty 
              m. Ralph Skerritt 
            5 Frances O'Doherty 
         4 *Unknown O'Doherty (Dougherty) 
         4 Edward O'Doherty b. 13 Aug 1885 d. 30 Jun 1890 
      3 male McDermitt b. bef 1855 
      3 female McDermott b. bef 1855 
      3 female McDermitt b. bef 1855 d. bef 1855 
      3 female McDermitt b. bef 1855 d. bef 1855 
      3 John McDermitt b. 5 Nov 1856 d. 9 Mar 1927 
      3 Hugh McDermitt b. 05 Dec 1857 
      3 Michael McDermitt b. 20 Jul 1860 
      3 Catherine McDermitt b. 21 Nov 1861 
      3 Patrick McDermott b. abt 1865 


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