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District Peace Celebrations




   When word of Monday’s holiday was received, Mr A. J. Ffrost and a team of willing helpers began collecting and planning for a big celebration and a special effort was made to give the children a happy time.

   Altogether over £60 was raised and it was decided to hold a picnic and sports on the beach during the day, followed by community singing and dancing at night in the Pacific theatre.

   The celebrations were a great success, there being at least 400 children and 600 adults present.  The Surf Club members supplied their loud speaker until it broke down, and then some servicemen from a camp nearby provided a loud speaker.

   Those who worked to make such a gala day were Messrs. A. J. Ffrost, H. Casey, R. Mallory, A. Ratcliffe, M. Gill, A. Howe, J. Howe, J. T. Whiteway, J. Mitchell, J. Jamieson, F. O. Venning, S. Newberry, F. J. Smith, T. Durbidge Jnr., T. Durbidge Snr., and A. B. Parkyn; Mesdames A. J. Ffrost, H. Casey, G. Joseph, A. N. Liddle, T. Durbidge, A. Beattie, D. Heilbron, B. Langton, L. Douglas, A. Cook, R. Mallory and Miss J. Liddle.

   The amount spent on sweets, drinks, and fruit, etc., amounted to £19, and over £25 was spent on the sports programme held on the beach.


   Boys: Under 4 years, J. Gill 1, K. Webb 2, N. Kerr 3; 4 years, R. Monks 1, N. Jones 2, J. Klassen 3; 5 years, P. Schwartz 1, M. Howard 2, D. Richardson 3; 6 years, M. Bell 1, J. Harris 2, R. Parkyn 3; 7 years, R. Marsh 1, T. Webb 2, C. Mallory 3; 8 years, J. LeBass 1, J. Menary 2, D. Clayton 3; 9 years, B. Soden 1, I. Dunstan 2, J. Monks 3; 10 years, P. Robinson 1, J. Menary 2, W. Johnstone 3; 11 years, R. Menary 1, E. Bate 2, D. Hancock 3; 12 years, R. Truman 1, H. Robinson 2, J. LeBass 3; 13 years, K. Potts 1, G. Stowe 2, J. Clayton 3; 14 and under 16, P.Wyvill 1, W. Prior 2, L. Ratclie 3; relay, K. Potts’ team 1, R. Truman’s team 2, D. Wyvill’s team 3.  High jump: Under 12, R. Menary 1, E. Bate 2; under 14 P. Wyvill 1, G. Hawkin 2, J. LeBass 3.  Broad jump: Under 12 N. Johnstone 1, D. Williams 2, P. Robinson 3; under 14, K. Widdup 1, D. Crane 2, R. Truman 3.

   Girls.–Four years, M. Talbot 1, H. Lang 2, A. Archer 3; 5 years, J. Young 1, J. Gardiner 2, M. Bell 3; 6 years, A. Truman 1, G. Hodgens 2, M. Ratcliffe 3; 7 years G. Rutherford 1, B. Hodgens 2, B. Robertson 3; 8 years, V. Power 1, W. Duncan 2, M. Hancock 3; 9 years, V. Webb 1, M. Mallory 2, D. Hawkins 3; 10 years, R. Richardson 1, W. McClaren 2, S. Shaw 3; 11 years, F. McManus 1, F. Ffrost 2, H. Mallory 3; 12 years, V. Richards 1, J. Larsen 2, c.Box 3; 13 and 14 years, B. White 1, J. Hohenhaus 2, A. Fuller 3; relay, B. White’s team 1, L. Fuller’s team 2, V. Richards’ team 3.  Skipping: Under 8 years, M. Ratcliffe 1, A. Truman 2, P. Hodgens 3; under 10 years, V. Webb 1, B. Box 2, W. Duncan 3; under 12 years, H. Mallory 1, L. McLaren 2, R. Teys 3; under 14 years, V. Richards 1, M. Pace 2, E. Box 3.

   Adults.–Single ladies: L. Fuller 1, E. Middlebrook 2, M. Hearne 3.  Married ladies: G. Potts 1, A. Parkyn 2, D. Monks 3.  Men over 40 years: J. Howe 1, J. Wyvill 2, D. Harding 3.  Fisherman’s race: M. Gill 1, T. Durbidge 2, A. Kamp 3.  Men’s open 75 yards: A. B. Parkyn 1, G. Corbett 2, A. Gagan 3.

   In the evening the Pacific theatre, given free by Mr. F. J. Smith, was overcrowded.  Everyone enjoyed the community singing, novelties and dancing.  The duties of M.C. were shared by Messrs. A. and M. Ffrost, and music was played by Mrs. J. Johnson, and Messrs. W. Johnson, N. and P. Adamson.  Musical numbers were given by Miss A. Moritz and Mr. G. Hood.

   Messrs. A. J. Ffrost and F. O. Venning announced that the money remaining (approx. £18) would be made available for the purpose of providing for the Mooloolaba State School children a sundial as a memorial of the occasion, and also other amenities.



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