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The US Navy established a Transmitting Station during WW2 at Colmslie in Brisbane, Queensland near the US Naval Air Station Brisbane which was supported by the US Navy Air Transport Section Camp Colmslie. These units were all located at the river end of today's Colmslie Recreation Reserve.

Dennis Burchill describes the establishment of the US Navy Transmitting Station at Colmslie as follows in his April 2004 "Wartime Memories of Bulimba":-

At Colmslie where the boat ramp is today the yanks established a seaplane base. There were moorings in the river and a concrete ramp for the seaplanes to be towed onto dry land for repairs. There was a large workshop building and I think there was also some sort of radio transmitter as there was a large steel mast alongside the workshop. They also established a gun range and they would fire at targets in front of a large earth wall with their pistols. When they were finished we would dig in the earth bank to recover the bullets.



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