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The US Army established a US Military Cemetery in a part of the Springvale Cemetery in Victoria, Australia during WW2. Amongst the American bodies, was Melbourne's infamous "Brownout Strangler", Eddie Leonski. He had been initially buried 3 times in two segregated sites in Springvale Cemetery. In May 1945, his remains were recovered and he was buried in the USAF Cemetery at Ipswich

Bob Seers lived in Dandenong during WW2 and can remember the Rowville Army Camp, the Rowville POW Camp and going to Springvale Cemetery by electric train. The spur line to the station at the Cemetery ran off from Springvale Station. A little part of the line still exist even today. His Mother would take us to visit the grave of our Sister who died as a infant. Bob remembers that the Americans were all buried there in neat rows with white crosses. The flag pole with the eagle on top is still there which marks the site of those graves. They were all later removed. Bob remembers his Mother pointing out Eddie Leonski's grave and saying to him that he was buried away from all the others and the opposite way around. Bob's Mother said that they buried him that way because he was a murderer who brought disgrace on his Country.                      


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

American Flagpole at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

Base of American Flag Pole


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

Plan of Thomas Simmons Memorial Lawn showing "Ground previously
used for personnel of the fighting forces of the United States of America"


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

Springvale Botanical Cemetery - Thomas Simmons Memorial Lawn
 stand, historical sign and storage for flower vases


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

Thomas Simmons Memorial Lawn sign


Photo:- Bruce Buchan 1 Sep 2012

Lawn area where the American service personnel were buried


Photo:- Daniel Leahy

Photo taken on 17 November 2012 of the land that
was the American section of the Springvale Cemetery. 



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