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Rosebery Army Camp was located at the Rosebery Racecourse in Sydney, New South Wales  during WWII.

In the early part of the war in Europe the Totaliser Area was used to issue stores supplies to new recruits. Rosebery Racecourse no longer exists and was located in the Sydney suburb of Eastlakes

 and was surrounded by Gardeners Rd,.Sutherland St, Napolian St, and Universal St in Roseberry. The Lakes Shopping Centre is now located on the site of teh former Rosebery Racecourse.

National Archives of Australia records show that the 113th Australian Mobilisation Bath Unit and the 115th Australian Mobilisation Bath Unit, both Laundry Units relocated Ingleburn Army Camp to Rosebery Racecourse possibly in 1945. There is another file on Department of Army Telephone facilities that were located at Rosebery Racecourse during WW2.

Another NAA file refers to some Dummy Bofors Guns being collected and returned to R S D (Returned Stores Depot) at Rosebery. Not sure if this was at the Rosbery Racecourse or at another location nearby. Another file refers to Australian Army Medical Corps (AAMC) Personnel being retained at Rosebery (again not clear if this was at the Rosebery Racecourse - possibly was).

Another NAA file references the following topic:-

"Rosebery, NSW - Commonwealth & Nuttall - Mortgage to secure repayment of the sum advanced by the commonwealth for the purpose of financing the erection of buildings for Munitions"

And yet another file references a Security Investigation at the Returned Stores Depot at Rosebery.

Another file refers to the 2/107 Australian Light Aid Detachment, Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers moving from Rosebery to Penrith, in January-February 1944.

Gipsy Moth VH-UOP piloted by Flying Officer H.G. Ross (possibly Howard Gibson Ross 260419) from No. 4 EFTS RAAF made a forced landing at Rosebery Racecourse at 4:20pm on 23 August 1940 after an engine failure. Crew member LAC Hedley Maurice Smeeton (408015) and the pilot were both uninjured.


NOTE:- Some records show it as Roseberry Racecourse, spelt with two "r"'s.



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