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In June 1942 a small group of USAAF servicemen were stationed at the Medic centre/rooms in Shield St Cairns, in tropical north Queensland next door to the American PX. They often attended the local RSL and Trocedero dance's. One of their buddies was a tall Texan whose surname was Weston. He was a Medical Orderly at this centre/rooms. His two companions were Bob and Duke. It is assumed they were all part of this Medic detachment and they always stuck together either in pairs or 3/4, it is thought to have only been a small detachment/unit and the only one in Cairns at that time.
Bob and Duke were known to have billeted at the Imperial Hotel in Cairns, they were the best of buddies Bob was a little older than Duke, but both have been between 18 - 20 years of age. This medic centre/rooms also was used for the distribution of condoms to the servicemen, where they could also get tested for VD among other things. Duke real name was (such and such) the 3rd, so this was why he was nicknamed Duke.


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