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Excelsior Hotel in Flinders Street, Townsville


The Excelsior is now gone. It was located where the red brick building is to the left of the 40kph sign.


"Chuck" Hathorn was a photographer attached to the 4th Air Depot Group at Mount Louisa, near Garbutt Airfield in Townsville during World War 2.

Chuck stayed for a while in a 3 storey hotel in Flinders Street which had iron railings on the balcony. The room that Chuck was in had double French-type doors that opened on to the balcony. The entrance to the hotel was around the back through a walkway. The bar was in the front. Chuck told me that it "was open only for an hour to serve that wonderful Aussie beer by the pitcher." There was a shop across the street that blended scotch and just a short distance down the street was an official looking building-on the same side of the street. Chuck believes that the Hotel may have been on the same side of the street as Athols Inn. (Was it the Excelsior Hotel perhaps? - Can anyone confirm based on Chuck's description?)


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