Forts and Coastal Gun Batteries

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Fixed Coast and Anti-Aircraft defences in Australia in September 1943 were organised as follows:-

New South Wales 2nd Australian Army
Northern Territory NT Force
Queensland 1st Australian Army
Victoria 2nd Australian Army
Western Australia 3rd Australian Corps



Bandicoot Battery
Emu Battery
(Combyuro Point, Moreton Island)
Big Gun
155mm Gun at Logan Road, Springwood, Brisbane
Cowan Battery
(Cowan Cowan, Moreton Island)
Endeavour Battery
(aka Entrance Battery)
(Torres Strait)
False Cape Battery
( Cairns)
Bribie Battery
Fort Bribie
(Bribie Island)
Fort Kissing Point
(aka Kissing Battery)
Fort Lytton
Lytton Section
Rous Battery
or Fort Rous
(Moreton Island)
Goods Battery
(aka Tucker Battery)
(Torres Strait)
HQ Torres Strait Fixed Defences
HQ Coast Artillery Torres Strait
HQ Torres Strait Coast Artillery
Headquarters for 40th Coastal Artillery Brigade (U.S. Army)
HQ Townsville Fixed Defences
HQ Coast Artillery Townsville
HQ Townsville Coast Artillery
King Section
(King Point, Horn Island)
Magazine Battery
(Townsville Harbour)
Magnetic Battery 
(aka Magnetic Island Forts)

(Magnetic Island)
Milman Battery
(Torres Strait)
Pallarenda Battery
Portland Roads Battery
Coast Artillery, Portland Roads
Skirmish Battery
(aka Woorim Battery)
Bribie Island)
Turtle Battery
(Torres Strait)



Banks Battery
Bare Section
(aka Bare Battery)
Botany Fire Command
Bowen Battery
Coast Artillery Jervis Bay
(aka Bowen Section)
Breakwater Battery
(aka Kembla Battery)
(Southern harbour breakwater, Port Kembla)
Bradley Section
Cobblers Section
Shelley Section
Broken Section Brooklyn Section
(near Brooklyn)
Casemate Battery
Cronulla Section
(aka Port Hacking Section)
Drummond Battery
(Port Kembla)
Dune Battery
(Dune Section near Fort Wallace)
Fish Battery
(South of Fisherman's Beach, Port Kembla)
Fort Redhead
Glenrock State Recreational Area
Fort Scratchley (aka Scratchley Battery)
Fort Wallace, Stockton near Newcastle, NSW (Wallace Battery) Georges Heights Battery
aka Georges Battery
Hornby Battery
Goon Battery
(mouth of Tom Thumb Lagoon, Port Kembla)
Gun Emplacement, Middle Harbour, Chowder Bay
Hawkesbury Fire Command Henry Section
HQ Sydney Fixed Defences
HQ Coastal Artillery, Sydney
HQ Sydney Coastal Artillery
Henry Battery
Hornby Battery
Illowra Battery,
ollongong Hill, 60 Battery
(Red Point, Port Kembla)
Inner Harbour Defence Fire Command Juno Section aka Juno Point Battery
Laing Battery
Green Section
La Perouse Battery
Macquarie Battery
(Vaucluse, Sydney)
Malabar Battery
Mark Battery Middle Battery
Middle Head Fortress
Mole Battery
(Northern breakwater, Port Kembla)
Nebo Battery
(Red Hill, Port Kembla)
North Battery
Park Battery (aka Shepherd Battery)
Port Kembla Fire command
HQ Port Kembla Fixed Defences
HQ Coast Artillery Kembla
HQ Kembla Coast Artillery
Rail Section (aka Mole Section (1))
Hunter Section (aka Nobby's Section)
Signal Battery
South Head Fort
or Hornby Battery

Tomaree Battery
(Port Stephens)
Tumbledown Section
(overlooking Resolute Bay)
West Battery
West Head Battery



Dudley Battery
East Battery
Emery Battery



Largs Battery
Adelaide Fixed Defences Heavy Battery
Adelaide Fixed Defences Heavy Artillery
Adelaide Coast Artillery (VDC)
Birkenhead Section
Outer Harbour Section



Direction Battery

HQ Hobart Fortress
HQ Heavy Artillery Hobart Covering Force
HQ Hobart Fixed Defences
HQ Coast Artillery, Hobart
HQ Hobart Coastal Artillery
Pierson Battery



Cribb Battery
(Port Phillip)
Crow's Nest Battery
(Port Phillip)
Fort Cheviot
Franklin Section HQ RAA Command Port Phillip
HQ Port Phillip Fixed Defences
HQ Coastal Artillery Port Phillip
HQ Port Phillip Coastal Artillery
HQ Fixed Defences Victoria
Queenscliff Battery
Fort Queenscliff
near Geelong
Lonsdale Battery
(Port Phillip)
Nepean Battery
(Port Phillip)
Pearce Battery
(Port Phillip)
Sandringham Training Battery    



Arthur's Head Battery Bickley Battery
(Rottnest Island)
Beacon Battery
(Garden Island)
Challenger Battery
also known as 'J' Battery
(Garden Island)
Collie? Battery
Geraldton Battery
(US Navy - 2 x 4" guns)
Harbour Battery
Leighton Battery, Buckland Hill
(northern side of Port Fremantle)
North and South Mole Battery
Oliver Hill Battery
(Rottnest Island)
Peron Battery
also known as 'K' Battery,
(Cape Peron, Rockingham)
Princess Royal Fortress
Rottnest Island Battery Rottnest Island Army Stores buildings Scriven Battery,
(Garden Island)
South Fremantle Swanbourne Battery


The following map is from the book "The Gunners - A History of Australian Artillery" by David Horner. It shows fixed defences in Australia, August 1944

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