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The US Army established Camp Victoria Park, in Victoria Park at South Townsville in north Queensland, Australia during WWII.

On 30 October 1944 the Secretary of the Naval Board (Australian) wrote to the Naval Officer-in-Charge (NOIC), Townsville to advise that the Hirings Authorities in Townsville had advised that there were several buildings in Victoria Park that were no longer required by the U.S. Forces. They comprised two Messes and Kitchens 20 ft x 108 ft and 20 ft x 99 ft, Administration Building 20 ft x 99 ft, Latrines, showers, repair shed 30 ft x 96 ft, and other miscellaneous structures. The letter sought advice as to whether these buildings could be used for Naval purposes.

NOIC Townsville confirmed by letter of 10 November 1944 that the buildings were of no use for Naval purposes at their present location and that the cost of the re-erecting the buildings at another location would not justify their use for Naval purposes.


Photo:- Peter Dunn

Concrete base for a 250 feet steel radio mast for the Townsville Radio Station
located in Victoria Park adjacent to Morey Street, South Townsville


There is a file in National Archives Australia for 6 Transport and Movements Office RAAF (6TMO) regarding disposal of surplus assets at Victoria Park, Townsville.

A short history of Base Section 2 Signal Corps indicates as follows that there was a US Motor Pool at Victoria Park:-

In the early part of September 1943, death claimed one of our men. Tec 5 Harold Gleb and Private Clarence Blahnic while en route to Victoria Park Motor Pool were involved in an accident with the vehicle in which  Tec 5 Gleb was killed and Private Blahnic was seriously injured.

The Royal Australian Navy took over control of the Townsville Radio Station of the Coastal Radio Service during WWII. The Radio Station was located in what is now the Souths Football Club House.


Can anyone tell me what US Army Unit was based at Camp Victoria Park?




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