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Camp Prospect at Prospect Hill, New South Wales was used by United States Army Services of Supply USASOS as a Staging Camp and Motor Park. It was located on the CSIRO site and extended into the former Prospect Quarry area. It is now the suburb of Pumulwuy. It was a tented camp setup around the base of Prospect Hill.

Greystanes House was an old house located in the area. It was demolished in 1946.

The 738th MP Battalion, US Army arrived on the USS Mount Vernon on 14 August 1942. The unit was transported by truck convoy to Camp Prospect. Company "D" left Camp Prospect on 19 August 1942 and was stationed for training and MP duty at Camp Warwick at Liverpool in New South Wales from 20 August 1942 until 20 November 1942. The rest of the 738th MP Battalion left Camp Prospect by train for Brisbane on 19 August 1942.

A six inch water column was installed near Toongabbie for use by the Americans. Special passenger trains were used on the Prospect Quarry railway line to transport troops between Toongabbie Railway Station and the camp area.

Camp Prospect was also used by the Australian Army, probably after the Americans moved out.


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Approximate location of Camp Prospect


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