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Camp Carina, a US WWII Military Camp was located on both sides of Creek Road near Carina State School in Carina, Brisbane in south east Queensland.

Russell Miller told me that the US Troops arrived about the 29 January 1943 through to 5 February 1943. The units included:-

These units moved out of Camp Carina by the 1 May 1943, but there may have been some small detachments of clean-up troops left there after that date. The camp appears to have been totally tented with large mess tents and smaller troop tents. Russell Miller believes Camp Carina only existed because of the large numbers of personnel arriving in the Brisbane area which could not be accommodated at the main Staging Camps.

Joe Briggs contacted me on 17 December 2011, and confirmed that Camp Carina was sited adjacent to the Carina State School. Joe's grandfather Charles Briggs was the headmaster of the Carina State School from its inception in 1917, until his death in September 1944.

Charles Briggs and his wife, together with Joe Briggs' father and Joe's siblings, lived in the large Queenslander which still remains next to the school. Joe's father and his brothers were all active servicemen during WWII. One of the brothers died on active service.

Camp Carina adjoined the rear fence of the 40 perch lot on which the Headmaster's house was located. American servicemen frequently met and chatted to the Briggs family over the fence. The men played baseball and other games. When moving on, the soldiers gifted the Briggs family various sentimental items in gratitude for the good times shared, such as a Louisville Slugger oak baseball bat, a baseball, and a glove. Joe Briggs still has the bat and the ball.

Apparently the soldiers were very friendly and decent young men, and became close friends with the Briggs family, who were fond of them. The camp stretched out over what is now the suburb of Carindale.

Joe Briggs often wonders what became of the men who gave his family the bat and ball.



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