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The 2/12th Field Ambulance carried out their basic training at Cowra in New South Wales where they were in support of the 23rd Australian Infantry Brigade. The 2/12th Field Ambulance relocated with the 23rd Australian Infantry Brigade from Cowra to Winnellie just south of the RAAF Darwin airfield in the Northern Territory in March 1941. 


ravenscroft01.jpg (39848 bytes) 2/12 Field Ambulance Camp at Cowra in New South Wales
ravenscroft04.jpg (63448 bytes) 2/12 Field Ambulance Camp at Cowra in New South Wales (hand coloured my Mrs Ravenscroft)
ravenscroft06.jpg (48930 bytes) Cowra - 2/12 Field Ambulance insignia
ravenscroft07.jpg (58084 bytes) Cowra Camp
ravenscroft08.jpg (64441 bytes) Cowra Hospital
ravenscroft11.jpg (77284 bytes) Cowra Sports Day
ravenscroft21.jpg (63191 bytes) In a trench at Cowra, NSW
ravenscroft12.jpg (53005 bytes) Cowra
ravenscroft05.jpg (51313 bytes) Cowra - Moving day for 2/12 Field Ambulance
ravenscroft14.jpg (52981 bytes) 2/12 Field Ambulance leaving Cowra


I'd like to thank Steven Ravenscroft whose father Private E. Laurie Ravenscroft was a member of the 2/12th Field Ambulance.


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