5th Marine Regiment, of the 1st Marine Division USMC arrive in Brisbane at
Brett's Wharf on 13 December 1942 on board the USS President
Adams (AP-38) for some R&R after fighting a Guadalcanal


Photo:- via Geoffrey Anderson

Men of 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
disembarking at Bretts Wharf in Brisbane


At 0424 hours on 9 July 1942, the USS Selfridge moored starboard side to Bretts Wharf. At 0746 hours on 10 July 1942 the USS Selfridge was underway from Bretts Wharf headed for Sydney.

At 1504 hours on 13 December 1942 USS President Adams (AP-38) arrived at Bretts Wharf after a 1,298 mile journey from Guadalcanal. It disembarked casualties only. On 14 December it was disembarking the 5th Marine Regiment and equipment. On 15 December 1942 it was still disembarking the 5th Marine Regiment and began taking on dry stores. It continued to take on fry stores on 16 December 1942. At 0854 hours on 18 December 1942 USS President Adams was underway from Brisbane headed for Wellington.

At 1545 hours on 31 January 1943, the USS Hermitage (ex Italian liner Conte Biancamano) moored at Bretts Wharf. The USS Hermitage (AP54) was operating directly under the Chief of Naval Operations (Naval Transportation Services). On 1 February 1943 it was disembarking troops and cargo. It departed Bretts Wharf for Sydney on 2 February 1943 at 0300 hours.

At 1715 hours on 31 January 1943, USS Thomas Jefferson moored port side at #2 pier, at Bretts Wharf. Troops commenced leaving the ship at 1725 hours. At 0650 hours on 2 February 1943, the pilot Captain R. J. Snibert, came onboard and teh tugs Carlock and Fearless came alongside at 0710 hours. The ship was underway from Bretts Wharf at 0729 hours and she re-moored port side at Newstead Wharf.

At 0705 hours on 5 June 1943 USS LST-459 moored port side to USS Nancy Lights at Bretts Wharf. At 0935 hrs USS LST-452 moored on its starboard side. At 0737 hours on 6 June USS LST-452 was underway and the Pilot, Mr. Kerr came onboard USS LST-459 at 0750 hours. A tug pulled the stern of USS LST-459 from Bretts Wharf and they got underway to Townsville.

On 18 June 1943 the USS LST-465 moored port side to Bretts Wharf. On 19 June 1943, it relocated and moored starboard side to Mining and Cable Co. Dock at Pinkenba.

USS LST-464 tied up port side to #1 wharf at Bretts Wharf at approximately 1530 hours on 4 July 1943. Workmen commenced unloading LCT sections. At 1200 hours on 5 July 1943 they commenced loading four boats on the main deck. A cargo of mufflers taken on board in Sydney for transportation to N.S.D. Perry Park was discharged. 15 corpsmen reported aboard LST464 at 1500 hours on 5 July 1943. A pilot came aboard at 1630 hours on 5 July 1943 and the ship cast off at 1700 hours and proceed down river and moored alongside Dobbin.

USS Barnes (ACV20) moored port side at #2 wharf at Bretts Wharf at 1031 hours on 21 July 1943. It started to unload its cargo of aircraft and parts consigned to the US Army. On 23 July 1943, the Free French destroyer Le Triumphant passed to starboard and moored starboard side to Brett's Wharf forward of USS Barnes. On 24 July 1943 at 0245 hours the USS Barnes was underway enroute to San Diego.


Photo:- Queensland State Library - Negative number: 187884

Lines of aircraft unloaded form a ship at Brett's Wharf. The high buildings at
top left are the stands at Ascot Racecourse (now Eagle Farm Racecourse)


USS LST 202 moored at Bretts Wharf on 25 August 1943. On 27 August 1943 it relocated to Hamilton Wharf where it moored to the port side of LST 462.

At 1350 hours on 1 January 1944, the USS Copahee moored to Bretts Wharf and commenced unloading aircraft. It disembarked 46 US Naval officers, 13 US Army officers, 68 RAAF officers, 2 British Army officers and 228 US Navy enlisted personnel. At 2220 hours on 1 January 1944 it completed unloading 49 A-20-G Havoc and 7 P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft. At 1400 hours on 2 January 1944 it embarked 37 US Navy officers, 4 US Marine officers, 3 US Army officers and 97 US Navy enlisted personnel. USS Copahee departed Bretts Wharf at 1304 hours on 3 January 1944.

At 1430 hours on 11 March 1944 the USS Copahee moored starboard side to Bretts Wharf. She commenced unloading aircraft at 1515 hours. She commenced disembarking passengers at 1555 hours. By 1800 hours she had completed disembarking 127 officers and 300 enlisted personnel. At 1300 hours on 12 March 1944, she commenced embarking 62 officers for transportation to San Diego, California. At 0800 on 13 March 1944, she completed unloading operations and loaded one P-39 Airacobra. At 0807 hours she embarked 1 officer and 175 enlisted personnel for transportation to San Diego. USS Copahee was underway from Bretts Wharf at 1203 hours on 13 March 1944 at 1203 hours.

USS Algorab moored to the starboard side of SS Josia Earl at Bretts Wharf on 8 January 1944. It then relocated to the starboard side of SS Niva Luckenbach at #2 Bretts Wharf. On 10 January 1944 the Pilot came aboard at 2350 hours and at 2352 hours the tugs Forceful and Carlock came alongside. It was repositioned alongside the USS Henry T. Allen at the Hamilton Cold Stores Wharf on 11 January 1944. It was then repositioned on 14 January 1944 by tugs Forceful and Carlock and moored on the starboard side to Cruises Berth F, Repair Unit 134, Brisbane.

USS Midway (CVE63) arrived at Bretts Wharf at 2000 hours on 26 January 1944 and unloaded its cargo and then loaded a cargo of aircraft on 27 January 1944. It left Bretts Wharf on 29 January 1944 after refuelling.

On 3 June 1945 the USS President Hayes moored port side to Bretts Wharf at 1317 hours. At 1057 hours on 4 June 1945 it commenced receiving miscellaneous Army cargo. At 1550 hours on 7 June 1945 it completed the embarkation of 1135 Army and 45 Navy personnel for transportation. At 0716 hours on 8 June 1945 it shifted to Berth "C" where the ship was fuelled. At 1713 hours on the same day it departed for Milne Bay, New Guinea.

On 4 June 1945 USS Murzim (AK-95) moved from Pinkenba Dock to Bretts Wharf to unload more cargo. USS Murzim moved to Cairncross Dock on 5 June 1945 for repairs.


Gateway to Victory Memorial Stone,
Bretts Wharf, Brisbane



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