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"Beaufort Hill" in recent years

The historic house "Beaufort Hill", located at 59 Wellington St., Clayfield was built in 1896. Over the years it was used as a 35 bed hospital and was also once home to the first Labour Premier of Queensland Mr. T. J. Ryan.

The home had its own 13 metre high Watch Tower which was accessed via a steep set of stairs from one of the lounge rooms. This lounge room was known as the Tower Room. The tower was built of timber and had a beautiful staircase. It had windows all the way up the staircase.

During World War 2, "Beaufort Hill" was owned by bachelor Edward (Ted) Albert Hawkins. Edward would often entertain relatives and friends at his very large home. Many of his country relatives would use "Beaufort Hill" as their "city home"  while in Brisbane. Ted Hawkins did his bit for the war effort by donating money for two aircraft for the RAAF. Ted also had his own collection of guns.

Beaufort Hill as it would have looked during WW2

Note there is a gun (white colour) on the lawn to the right hand side of the above photograph. E.A. Hawkins was a collector of war souvenirs. 

During WW2 the American Air Force used the house because of the Watch Tower for reconnaissance purposes. One or sometimes two armed guards were posted on the verandah while the Watch Tower was in use. The tower was demolished in 1986.

Close-up of the Tower

Also during WW2 a number of high ranking officers from the 1st Cavalry Division, from Camp Strathpine, including L. Col. Roy Huddlestone, were invited to "Beaufort Hill" for social functions. In 1988, some of the relatives of Ted Hawkins, including his niece, Daisy Smith, were invited to a reunion of the 1st Cavalry Division at North Pine Dam at Petrie.



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