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Photo via R. Miller & D. Spethman

ASWG Camp at Kalinga, Brisbane

The Australian Special Wireless Group established their camp in Brisbane on the western side of Shaw Road (UBD Map Reference Map 140, Ref. F2). It was where the Hugh Courtney Oval is now located. There is a plaque mounted in the small car park at the northern eastern end of the park. The ASWG camp itself was not at that location though. The separate Kalinga Staging Camp was on the eastern side of Shaw Road where Kalinga Park is now located.

The ASWG operating site at Kalinga, was in a tent, surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Some other sites operated in huts and sometimes in trucks. The operators were usually not aware of the contents of the messages they were receiving or sending. 

ASWG used Kingsley (AR 7) sets and some HRO's and AWA receivers were also used on occasions. The Kinglsey sets were very robust, with a good span, but they were every heavy and thus difficult to relocate. The HRO's and AWA sets were too fragile to use in the jungles of New Guinea.

Marian Kaufman was a serving member of ASWG. at Kalinga in Brisbane. 



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