Subject:   19th BG website
Date:           Sun, 21 Nov 1999 10:16:47 -0600
From:          "Bob L." <m1crow@email.msn.com>

Very nice website, sir!!! Lots of rare and valuable info & pix. I was referred there by a fellow model builder on the 'Hyperscale' site. Am currently researching a book on the 28th Bomb Squadron of the 19th BG. Do you have info which specifies which 19th BG people and planes belonged specifically to the 28th -- or did the 19th just 'share' resources between the squadrons? Activities and/or photos of squadron personnel in Australia?

The Maurer 'Combat Squadrons' book lists the airfields/dates used by each squadron, but much more detail is needed.

Also, is there any record/info on USAAF bomber visits to the region during the 1920-40 time frame? The 28th was the single bomber unit of the Philippine Dept. in this period, flying Martin MB-2, Keystone, B-10 and B-18 aircraft.

I can also email you a list of books I've found helpful. Ex: Have you used Mitchell's "In Alis Vicimus: On Wings We Conquer"...?

Bob "Von" Liebman



Subject:    19 BG errata
Date:             Sun, 21 Nov 1999 22:54:57 -0600
From:           "Bob L." <m1crow@email.msn.com>

FYI: Mitchell's book lists B-17E "San Antonio Rose II" as ser. no. 41-2447, bombed at Del Monte. "San Antonio Rose I" is listed as ser. no. 41-2416, fate unknown.

Von L.



Subject:   19th BG references
Date:           Tue, 23 Nov 1999 15:01:33 -0600
From:          "Bob L." <m1crow@email.msn.com>

Here's my list of helpful books on the 19th Bomb Group/WWII campaigns (no particular order):

- Rust, Ken C. "Fifth Air Force Story", Sunshine House, Terre Haute, IN, 1973

- Birdsall, Steve, "Pride of Seattle", Squadron/Signal, Carrollton, TX 1998

- Mitchell, John H., "In Alis Vicimus: On Wings We Conquer", GEM pub., Springfield, MO, 1990

- Jablonski, Edward, "Flying Fortress", Doubleday, NY, NY,

- Freeman, Roger A., "B-17 Fortress at War", Ian Allen, London, 1977

- Walker, Howell, "American Bombers Attacking from Australia", National Geographic Magazine, (Jan '43 issue), national Geographic Society, 1943

- Maurer & Maurer, "World War II Combat Squadrons of the United States Air Force", Platinum Press, Woodbury, NJ, 1992

- Maurer & Maurer, "Air Force Combat Units of World War II", Chartwell Books, Edison, NJ,1994

The last two were compiled by USAF's Air University at MaxwellAFB, AL.

Still looking for a copy of: "They Fought with What They Had", supposedly very good and comprehensive.

Von L.


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