ON 4 APRIL 1942


A Japanese bombing raid was made on Darwin Civil Airfield and Parap Hotel at 1:48pm on 4 April 1942.

On 4 April 1942, USAAF P-40E Kittyhawk #41-5551, #74 of the 9th Pursuit Squadron of the 49th Fighter Group was shot down by Australian Anti-aircraft fire in error during a Japanese air raid near Cox Peninsula, Darwin Northern Territory. The pilot Lt Grover Gardiner was able to bail out. This was more than likely during the Japanese bombing raid of Darwin Civil airfield & Parap Hotel at 1:48pm on 4 April 1942.

This aircraft had been involved in an earlier accident at Bankstown in New South Wales on 27 February 1942. 

C. Rossi told me that his neighbour Mr. John Doran was serving in an anti aircraft battery at RAAF Field Darwin, on the day of this Japanese bombing raid. He advised that two Japanese Zero's strafed the RAAF airfield as they headed north. A minute or two later a P-40 Kittyhawk flew over the air field heading south. One gun opened fire, which immediately brought many guns firing at the P-40. John Doran presumed that the pilot, Lt. Livingstone, was hit for he was able to fly to 34 Mile strip, but crashed while trying to land.



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