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Hangar No. 5 at Archerfield - 7 August 1999


Hangar No. 5 at Archerfield - 7 August 1999


Eastern end of Hangar No. 5 on 7 August 1999


On 24 February 1930, at a Director's meeting in Longreach, QANTAS decided "that the office of the Company be established in the city of Brisbane.....on or before 30 June".  Tenders were called for the supply and erection of a hangar at Archerfield "87 feet by 90 feet with two lean-tos of 30 feet".

Hangar No. 5 was erected at Archerfield for QANTAS by Sidney Williams & Co. Work started on the hangar in June 1930 and was finished by January 1931.  QANTAS moved from Eagle Farm to Archerfield in January 1931.

QANTAS staff knew Hangar No. 5 as their No. 1 Hangar.

It was extended on the northern side in 1934 making it 1,184 square metres.


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A Qantas DH-86 Dragon Rapide being serviced at Archerfield in Hangar No. 5


When QANTAS Empire Airways was established in 1934, their DH-86 Dragon Rapide aircraft, used for the overseas airmail routes,  were serviced in this hangar. QANTAS serviced private aircraft as well in this hangar. An extra 1,072 square metres was added to Hangar No. 5 during World War 2.

Other interesting aircraft to be housed in Hangar No. 5 included the Imperial Airways aircraft "Astrea" which visited on a survey flight in 1933. Another was a KLM Douglas DC-2 which visited Archerfield in 1936.


Hangar No. 5 on 8 May 1931 - QANTAS passengers about
 to board the restarted Brisbane to Townsville service


Hangars No. 1, 4 & 5 at Archerfield in early 1931. The cemetery is off
the picture to the right. Boundary Road can be seen in the distance


Hangar Nos. 4 & 5 in approximately 1933. Kerry Road can be seen at the top
of the picture and the cemetery at the top right of the picture. An Avro of New
England Airways is parked in front of the hangars. The words "Brisbane
Flying School" can be seen on the open doors of Hangar No. 4


The Armstrong Whitworth XV, "Astraea", G-ABTL, inside Hangar No. 5 at Archerfield on
23 June 1933. It had just arrived at Archerfield after leaving England on 29 May 1933.



"The Defeat of Distance - QANTAS 1919- 1939"
By John Gunn


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