Early in January 1942, 2 Squadron RAAF received instructions from a US Catalina aircraft to attack a Japanese destroyer in Australia's northern waters. The Lockheed Hudson's of 2 Squadron attacked and damaged the ship which was later discovered to be the USS Perry.

Note:-   I wonder if this was actually USS Peary which was sunk with the loss of 91 men when the Japanese attacked Darwin on 19 February 1942. Or was there also a destroyer called USS Perry? Can anyone please confirm.

On 22 September 2009, John C. Finley provided me with the following confirmation of existence of a Destroyer called USS Perry:-

"The USS Perry DMS-17 (Destroyer Mine Sweeper) was not lost until 13 Sep 1944 when it struck a mine and sank off the southeast coast of Angaur in the Palau Islands. It was clearing mines preparatory to invasion of Anguar on the 17th of September. "

"The USS Peary DD-226 (Clemson-class Destroyer) was lost when hit by 5 bombs during an air raid from carriers Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu plus 54 land-based bombers from Ambon 19 February 1942."

After receiving the above from John C. Finley I did a quick search of National Archives of Australia and found the following file which suggest that it might have been USS Peary that 2 Squadron attacked:-

Title:-  Darwin narrative - Royal Australian Air Force attack on USS PEARY
Series number A9695          Control symbol 449
Contents date range             circa 1940 - circa 1946
Access status                     Open
Location                              Canberra
Barcode                              30045431



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