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Block house at Fort Lytton

     Welcome to the website of the Fort Lytton Historical Association and its Special Signals Display, who control all content on this site. Please contact us with questions, suggestions or other feedback.

     At a later date I hope to have a lot more detail on the township of Lytton which existed from 1860-1900 and how it was an important part of the bayside community for some 63 years mainly as an aerial farm and Signal training camp during 1939-1945 war up til all  the land was sold to Ampol in 1963.

     At this time the R.A.A.F. Radar unit on the hill beside the army heavy wireless transmitters, controlled the anti aircraft guns on the flats in case of aerial attack. There was also another site on Flemming Rd, Hemmant, which was manual.

     Also at this time the naval Boom Defence ship was in operation to protect the largest congestion of allied submarines outside of the U.S.A.

     The quarantine station has been well documented by the Wynnum Manly Historical Society and information is now available on this site.

     Before WWII began" Smithy "(Sir Charles Kingsford Smith) flew across the Pacific from the U.S. to Australia in 1928 and landed at Eagle Farm because it was dry. Later it was too muddy so he moved his 6 Southern Cross planes over to Lytton to fly passengers to Sydney for 9 or 10 pounds, always following the coast in case of engine failure.

     In 1952, 1 Antennae Construction Troop refurbished all the old aerials as the Korean War was heating up in earnest and the Army had a great need for more reliable communications than the old transmitters way down in Melbourne could handle.

     Fort Lytton would have to be an historianís paradise or an archeological delight with so many diverse events all occurring  in the same general area and often at the same time. We will be well and truly satisfied when all these stories come to fruition.

At no stage did we know the whole history of the area, but we hope to have it all here for you one day.

Two 6-inch Lytton gun barrels at Fort Lytton





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