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Special Signals Display

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Special Signals Display

Equipment on Display

1. Army amenities multi-band B-cast & short wave radio, c .1941.

2. Wireless set #22: general use Battalion H.Q. to rear echelon - Brigade, c. 1941.

3. Wireless set #133: world wide transmitter used in 1941 at Signal Hill as part of N.Command heavy wireless group. Could be truck mounted. Later replaced by #153 which was jeep-mounted in 1945.

4a. Large 2-part glass display cabinet with many morse code keys, some of which date back to 1921. Also a Signal centre clock for accurate date/time group.

4b. First day covers for Princess Anne's visit to Australian Signal H.Q. in 1979, plus
Copy of message from Milne Bay in 1942 reporting the landing of Japanese troops. Includes the story of Winnie the war winner, the radio built behind enemy lines in Timor by Independent Signals troops. These men held up thousands of Japanese who were needed to stop MacArthur`s return to Manila.

5. Wireless set #19: general purpose Artillery, Armoured vehicle and Signal Corps set, c. 1941.

6. Lamps Signalling 4 Daylight on tripod, Signal Corps, c. 1941.

7. Valve (before transistors) tester, c. 1941.

8. Avo portable radio test meter, c. 1941.

9. Suitcase transmitter/receiver: short range, special services & command use, morse code only. U.S. Signal Corps, c. 1942.  

10. A510 Infantry basic pouch: platoon/company level, c. 1951.

11. AR 107 Broadcast and short wave radio for checking time signals and transmissions, c. 1941

12. Wireless Set No. 208: manufactured by Radio Corporation Pty Ltd, Melbourne.

13. Telephone Set "L,"  Mark 1/1, quantity: 2.

14. Telephone Set "J", plus

The Services Text Book of Radio, Vol. 1: Electrical Fundamentals, plus

The Services Text Book of Radio, Vol. 7: Radio Relocation  Techniques, plus

Various Army and Military Communication publications from the 1930s to 1960s, plus

Framed photograph entitled: Non Commisioned Officers Mess - SIGNALS QLD (undated), plus

Framed photograph entitled: Signals Officers Mess Camp 1933, plus

Framed photographs of the following:
             LT COL J.S.D. Mellick 1961-1970,

             COL J.M. Grant 1927-1932,

             COL R.H. Sainsbury 1938-1939,

             BRIG C.H. Kappe 1960-

All people in these photographs are senior officers who held various Signals positions.

15. Trophy named "The Lytton Cup", plus

Various photos of RASIGS units from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

16. Reeling machine with a chain drive mechanism.

For any further assistance we can offer in reference to these items or for that matter the museum in general, please do not hestitate to contact us as both myself and some of the younger soldiers are keen to continue our involvement with the museum.

The organiser wishes to thank W.O. Stephen Ware and Cpl Harry Butler for their generous donation of gear including items12 onwards, plus the photographs and the Signal Cup - fantastic! Also I would like to acknowledge the loan of various radios, Fax and many morse code keys dating back to 1913, nearly 100 years ago, by Mr Alan Shawsmith VK4SS, as well as the radio valves, etc. of a past era - thanks Alan, Jim. Also, LtCol J.S.D. Mellick, the original Adjutant at Lytton Signals, for his donation of photographs taken in the 1940s and his help in contacting past wartime members of his unit(s).

Jim Meehan




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