Ross McNeill

Ross of Worcestershire, UK, is a  researcher specialising in sea losses of Allied aircraft 1939-45. He has given me a lot of valuable info on Beaufort crashes in Queensland.

Michael Moskow

Michael is researching the Allied aviator POWs imprisoned at Rabaul, New Britain, during WW II, among whom were several members of the 43rd Bom Group. He has details of some crashes as well.

Cyril Klimesh

Cy Klimesh was in the 22nd Bomb Group - The Red Raiders. He has helped me with a number of aircraft crashes in north Queensland.

Herb Oliver

Herb contacted me about 460 Squadron and details of an aircraft crash near Booyal.

Paul Snow

Paul passed on to me some information about two crashes from Steve Fowler, of Bayview Heights, Cairns.

Ernest Simons

Ernie was able to assist me with details of the crash of a Ventura at Archerfield on 17 November 1943 and advise me that Gough Whitlam was not on board this aircraft but in another aircraft at Archerfield that day.

Terry Ross

Terry Ross helped me to confirm some details for a few crashes.

Karl Snyder

Karl is interested in military related crashes during WWII.

Steve Fowler

Steve Fowler in Cairns has been researching wartime aircraft crashes since 1972.

Coert Munk

Coert is General Manager of a GA airport in the Netherlands and as a hobby is Honorary Secretary of the Duke of Brabant Air Force which operates a B-25 Mitchell bomber in the Netherlands painted in the colours of KNILM/NEIAF N5-149, "Sarinah / De 2 C's". It honours the crews that operated in Australia and the East Indies during WWII.

Judy Taylor

Judy's father, John Beckenham, was with 9 Squadron RAAF flying in Catalinas. His diary mentions a number of aircraft crashes which Judy has helped me with.

C. Busby

"Buz" has visited some of the aircraft crash sites in the Northern Territory

Nola Shepherd

Nola's uncle, Thomas Archibald Meiklejohn, Service No 405635, went missing 7 April 1945, during a flight from Bairnsdale to Lowood. There were three other Flight Lts. and an aircraftswoman onboard.

Stephen Frawley

In the 1976/77 period Stephen visited a pair of Kittyhawks near the Darwin River Dam. He was wondering why they were there and which aircraft they were.

Russell White

Russell is the author of a home page titled "B24 Wreck at Moonlight Creek". This is actually the wreck of "Little Eva" which crashed on 2 December 1942.

Scott Betteridge

Scott advised that the wreck of B-24 Liberator "Poochie" had its centre wing section salvaged for it's use in the restoration of a RAAF Liberator down south.

Walter A. Boyd Jr.

Walter ("Wild Bill") spotted my home page on the P-38 crash in the saltpan behind where I lived in Townsville.

Lindsay Peet

Lindsay has a research interest in military aviation in WA 1939-45 (history & heritage).

Mike Goodwin

Mike's stepfather, Linnly M."Max" Craig, was a Beaufighter pilot with the RAAF in the Pacific. His stepfather can't remember what his old squadron was and would like to find out. From Mike's research it would appear he may have been in either 30 Squadron or 31 Squadron. He was in Moratoi for a while.
Col Benson Col Benson, from Mackay, has helped me with details on a number of aircraft crashes in north Queensland during WWII.

Doug Lee

Doug Lee, an ex member of 15 Squadron RAAF, contacted me and provide details on a number of crashes including one of a Beaufort that crashed between Bowen and Garbutt on 11 March 1945.

Meme Spike

Meme is trying to find information on the fatal accident of Henry Rubin, (brother-in-law). His serial number was 161 10 528.

Bas Kreuger

Bas Kreuger is the Curator of the Military Aviation Museum RNlAF, in Soesterberg, in the Netherlands. He has assisted me with information on the Netherland East-Indies Air Force in the Australian area during WW2, including details of some of their crashed aircraft.

Lawrence J. Hickey

Larry Hickey is co-author of the book "Attack & Conquer - The 8th Fighter Group in World War II". Larry has helped me with some details on USAAF aircraft crashes.

Gregory Field

Greg's grandfather and his grandfather's brother, witnessed the crash of a P-38 Lighnting at Mount Elliott, just south of Townsville.

Peter Freney

Peter is the nephew of Bill Freney, the barber, whose house near Archerfield airfield was hit by a B-26 Marauder.

Brett Cobby

Brett's mother witnessed the crash of a Mosquito over Sydney in May 1945.

Terence Geary

Terry has a keen interest in WW2 Aircraft wrecks.

James Joyce

James is looking for Derrick Einham, who is apparently a member of the the Australian War Birds society (or association)

Shane Walkerston

Shane is interested in the crash of a C-47 called Starduster, which was lost between Rockhampton and Archerfeild during the war in about 1943.

He also has photos of the wreckage as well as the of "Texas Terror" and "Beautiful Betsy".

Peter Stone

Peter is interested in the ship President Coolidge, the crash of an Avro Anson near Currajung Lower in Victoria, Airfields in the New Hebrides and the Fifth Air Force USAAF

Les Lewis

Les Lewis has located four crash sites on Mount Disappointment just north of Whittlesea in Victoria. 1 Beaufighter, 1 Wirraway and 2 Vultee Vengeance crash sites.

Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett has an excellent home page titled "North East England Aircraft Crash Research".

Michael Nelmes

Michael works at the Australiam War Memorial and has assisted me with details on a number of crashes.

Byron Deveson

Byron was showing his sister's father-in-law, Mr Arthur Parkinson of Canberra, what could be found on the Internet and stumbled across the Aircraft Crash Home Pages. Arthur, via Byron, has assisted with details of a few accidents.

Ken Hogan

Ken is stationed at the RAAF base in Townsville and is planning a trip to Cape York and would like to have a look at some WW2 aircraft wrecks.

Jeffrey Clemens

Jeffrey advises that a B-25 crashed into a mountain during a night time training mission on February the 2nd, 1943 near his community in Bedford, USA. They are collecting funds for a bronze marker to be placed on the crash site.

Cecil ?

Cecil's Uncle, Warren Wisdom, was an A-20 pilot in the 5th Air Force stationed at Dorobura in 1944. He was killed in a training mission off the coast of Buna-Gona area.

Ronald J. Yamka

Ronald is looking for information on USAAF 1st Lt. Charles A. Gours of the 35th Fighter Squadron, 8th Fighter Group who crashed on 28 April 44 at Nadzab, New Guinea.


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