Subject:   Mortimer
From:          Elley Peterson (hotrod33@gateway.net)
Date:          16 February 2000

Dear Peter

My Dad was in the 90th Squadron, 5th Air Force, 3rd Bomb Group. His name is James H. Lee, Jr. He is the most fantastic father a daughter could have!!

I have one of his pictures - it's of "Mortimer". Are you interested?

I hope to share this web page environment with my Dad. Although he does not have a PC, I plan to print out a lot of the pages and send them to him.

I believe he will want to read through the efforts put forth in this web page environment.

Thank you.

Elley Peterson



Subject:   Mortimer
Date:           Fri, 25 Feb 2000 20:22:19 -0700
From:          Elley Peterson <hotrod33@gateway.net>


I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to see your response to my E-mail.

Please let me know your address and I will send a copy of the picture of Mortimer that I have, along with some others my Dad is sending to me. He lives north of Dallas, Texas. I live in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. I called Dad the night I discovered your web site. He was thrilled. Dad remembered Charters Towers before I had the word Charters completely out of my mouth. He was so surprised there was so much information on the Internet, specific to where he had been. He told me many names - he wanted me to see if they were mentioned. He is 81 and very much alive and well!! He still rides a motorcycle! He is wonderful.

There is a reunion in Tucson, Arizona in May. He wasn't going to attend because it wasn't really his Squadron, and then after talking with me, called me a few days later and said he was going! So now, my husband, myself and my son (age 25) are planning to join him at the reunion. He said that there are so few of each member in each squadron anymore, they attend each others. My daughter (age 21) wants to go too! Dad also mentioned that a couple of his friends from the 90th Bomb Squadron (3rd Bomb Group) were also going to try to attend. I will share your web site with them. I'll print out the main page and get copies and pass them out! I hope you don't mind.

I am sure Dad can relate many stories. He has shared many with us - myself and two sisters, along with my mom - and anyone who would choose to listen. How much treasure there is with his memory! I asked him to send more pictures, with information about each. He was also going to maybe get a recorder to record some of his thoughts. I will pursue that path with him and share with you.

I will also find out if he knew Jack Heyn.

Thank you, again, and so very much, for corresponding with me.



I need your help


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