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Wife: Elizabeth (Bessie or Bridget) Cleere #1275 
    Born:                          in:
    Died: 16 Feb 1925      in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS
  Buried: 17 Feb 1925     in: North Rockhampton Cemetery, QLD, AUS (1)

She was buried under the name Bridget Elizabeth Moran according to the North Rockhampton Cemetery Index. She married under the name Bessie Cleere and the birth Certificates for her children generally show her as Elizabeth Cleere.

She died aged 58 years, and was buried on 17 Feb 1925 in the R.C. area of North Rockhampton Cemetery, Section 8 1/2, Grave 5244.

The 1909 Commonwealth Electoral Roll, Division of Capricornia, Subdivision of Rockhampton, shows a Bridget Moran on home duties, living at Campbell St., Rockhampton. Her husband, Thomas James Moran is not shown. He may have been deceased by this time. Bridget's daughter, Mary Agnes, was shown as living at 150 Campbell St., Rockhampton at the time of her marriage to James Joseph Dunn on 7 April 1920. The consent for Mary Agnes' marriage was signed by her mother Bridget Moran.

Bridget's daughter Annie died in Mackay from kidney trouble. Bridget's daughter Kathleen Moran married Walter Shun Wah.

Bridget was taken to Woman's Hospital on Wednesday night 11 Feb 1925. She was operated on Fri 13 Feb 1925.

She died on Monday morning 16 Feb 1925 at 11 AM and was buried beside her husband on 17 Feb 1925 at 3 PM.

Husband: Thomas James Moran #1274  died at age: 36
Married: abt 1895        in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS? (2)
    Born:  3 Nov 1871       in: QLD, AUS (3)
    Died: 27 May 1908      in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS (4)
  Buried: 28 May 1908     in: North Rockhampton Cemetery, QLD, AUS (1)
     Ref:                           Occupation: Butcher
Father: James Moran #8731
Mother: Bridget (Malony) Maloney #8732

Thomas died aged 37 years and was buried in the R.C. area, Section 8 1/2, Grave No. 3260.

I could find no Will or Intestacy for Thomas James Moran at the QLD State Archives.

He died before his wife. She was buried beside him on 17 Feb 1925.

M Child 1  John Moran #1293  Age: 102
Born:      1 Sep 1895     in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS  (5)
Died:                            in:
John was killed in the first World War. He was apparently blown up.
F Child 2  Catherine (or Kathleen) Moran #1277  Age: 101
Born:     16 Aug 1896     in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS  (6)
Died:                             in:
Spouse:   Walter Shun Wah #1278
Married:                         in:  
F Child 3  Annie Moran #1291 
Born:     20 Nov 1897     in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS    ( 7)
Died:     1899                 in: Mackay?, QLD, AUS   (8)
  Buried:  4 Apr 1899      in: North Rockhampton Cemetery, QLD, AUS  (1)

Annie died aged 1 year and 4 months. She is buried in the R.C. area of the North Rockhampton Cemetery, Section 8 1/2, Grave 2433.

Annie died from kidney problems in Mackay.
F Child 4  Mary Agnes Moran #34  died at age: 67 (My grandmother)
Born:     15 Apr 1899     in: QLD, AUS (9)
Died:      3 Aug 1966     in:                                           
  Buried:                        in: North Rockhampton Cemetery, QLD, AUS   (10)
     Ref:                         Occupation:     Housewife                  
Spouse:   James Joseph Dunn #27 (My grandfather)
Married:   7 Apr 1920     in: St. Joseph's Cathedral, Rockhampton, QLD 

Mary never told anyone her middle name as her initials spelt MAD. Mary lived at 150 Campbell St., Rockhampton just prior to her marriage. The witnesses at her marriage were Denis Michael Dempsey and Eileen Moran. They were married on a Wednesday.

Mary was buried in North Rockhampton Cemetery next to her husband.

Rita Challinor told me that Mary Agnes had a brother John (Jack) who died at Gallipoli in the First World War. Jack enlisted on 17 August 1915 and was killed in action on 29 July 1916. He was blown up in an explosion. Her other brother died in Rockhampton.

A death notice appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 13 Feb 1989 for a Reverend Father John Michael Moran C.S.S.R. who died on 11 Feb 1989. It showed his brother was Father James Thomas Moran C.S.S.R. and his sister was Mary Agnes (both deceased). He was buried at the Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood. He was at the Redemptorist Monastery at Pennant Hills at the time of his death. There is a pattern of similar family names in this Death Notice. There is a possibility that Father John Michael Moran was either Mary Agnes Dunn's (nee Moran) brother or her nephew.

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>Looking for information on William F. MCDONOUGH who was married to Mary MORAN.  Who were their parents?  And, what are the names of their other children?

The only information I have is on one son, Patrick Andrew McDonough born in Headford, Galway, Ireland on March 15, 1869

Patrick A. McDonough came to the US in 1885 at age 16.   He worked for his uncle's in a drug store in Kansas.  Later he became a Manager for Metropolitan Life Ins. In September 1892 he connected with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York.  Starting as an agent he soon was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of the Keokuk, Iowa office of the Company and later District Manager of the Chicago office of the Metropolitan.  In 1913 he took charge of the O'Fallon Park District, St. Louis, Missouri Office.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If these are the O'Flaherty MacDonough then Headford is certainly a good beginning from a pre-norman invasion perspective as this is the homeland of the o'flaherty's. its a market village on the galway to ballinrobe road i think the poet "eva of the nation" mary kelly 1826-1910 was born here, she married young irelander kevin o'doherty. Some MacDonough might have reverted to McCarthy in the south West but not in this area wherein they were from the O'flaherty sept.

Some Morans got in trouble in '37 at Newport with an IRA thing together with a clatter of other fellas and a Priest!! this is just up the road, I think these were Knockmoylan Morans they were taken to Sligo and their relatives were beaten by the guards. There might have also been a Canon Moran from thereabouts but he might have come from anywheres given his job, I doubt if he was related to the Newport riot Morans, though I daresay he knew the priest!!!


F Child 5 Ileen Bridget Moran #1276  Age: 96
Born:     20 Dec 1901     in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS   (11)
Died:                             in:                                           
M Child 6  Thomas James Moran #1292  Age: 94
Born:     24 Jul 1903     in: Rockhampton, QLD, AUS   (12)
Died:                            in:                                           

1 North Rockhampton Cemetery Index, info from Yvonne Bean

2 QLD Marriage Cert. No. 1731.95

3 QLD Birth Cert. No. 71/002989, shown as Thomas only on Index

4 QLD Death Cert. No. 08/003109

5 QLD Birth Cert. No. 95/010690

6 QLD Birth Cert. No. 96/010034

7 QLD Birth Cert. No. 98/009529

8 QLD Death Cert. No. 4136

9 Birth Cert No. 99/009648, only shown as Mary Moran in the Index

10 She is buried next to her husband.

11 QLD Birth Cert. No. 02/010145

12 QLD Birth Cert. No. 03/009211


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