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Well the Yanks were "Over Paid, Over Sexed and Over Here". They arrived in Brisbane by their thousands on 22 December 1941 aboard the Pensacola Convoy. But something was not right. They needed a good supply of Coca Cola, which was not readily available in Brisbane during the early days of the "Yank Invasion". So the US Army helped to establish a Coca Cola factory at 36-39 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba on the south side of Brisbane. 

Sales of Coca Cola soared in Australia after the arrival of the main force of the Americans in early 1942. The Americans soldiers were probably responsible for increasing the sales of Coca Cola in Australia more than any of the marketing campaigns that may have existed at the time. New licenses were taken up by various companies to bottle Coca Cola in enough quantities to quench the thirst of the American Invasion!


Photo:- Peter Dunn 29 Jan 2006

The original WW2 Coca Cola factory now occupied by Tony's
Smash Repairs, a Lattice business and Profile Smash Repairs


Photo:- Peter Dunn 29 Jan 2006

The original WW2 Coca Cola factory at 36-39 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba 


Photo:- Peter Dunn 29 Jan 2006

Apparently there is still a US Army WW2 electrical
switchboard in the upstairs area of Profile Smash Repairs


The WW2 Coca Cola factory was just over the road from another favourite watering hole, the Hotel Broadway.



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