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During WW2 the Australian Comforts Fund would distribute Christmas Hampers for soldiers. Syd Clark, former RAN Radio and later Radar Operator wrote in his diary on 11 January 1940, "Mine came from Mrs. Herbert Brookes of South Yarra and contained Christmas pudding, cake, cream, peaches, cheese, cards, sweets, nuts and fruit, toothbrush, 20 cigarettes and a Colgates toothpaste.


A Stromberg - Carlson HF Receiver used by the Australian Comports Fund during WWII


During WW2, the Australian Comports Fund would provide HF Receivers for soldiers on leave to listen to broadcast about the progress of the war. They would be located in halls and eating and entertainment areas set up by the Australian Comforts Fund. The above pictured High Frequency Receiver is held in the Gold Mining and Historical Museum at 215 Brisbane Road, Monkland, Gympie, Queensland.


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