Subject:    Batchelor Airfield NT
Date:             Thu, 07 May 1998 22:33:26 +0900
From:           Clinton Bock <bock@octa4.net.au>

Dear Mr Peter Dunn,

I was surfing the net as usual and stumbled across your quite excellent internet site. As a matter of fact I was searching for information /pictures on the 19th BG at Batchelor airfield. The picture of the B-17 at Batchelor airfield is great. (May I use it on my site?, if not, I understand) I was out a Batchelor airfield today for another look round, and decided to do a bit of in depth research on the airfield. As it happens I am extremely interested in WWII airfields of the NT and have put up a site concerned with Fenton airfield, where both the 43rd BG, 63rd BS and 90th BG, 319th served, as you mentioned on your site. Do you have any info or pics on the 319th USAAF BS or the 380th BG, as the 380th BG staged through Townsville and Charters Towers, or Pics of the airstrips?

Batchelor airfield is rich with war time history. I suppose you know that the 22 BG, 408 BS served from Batchelor airfield at one stage, operating B-26's. The airfield itself is in quite good condition and is still being used today. I have a few photos of the airstrip if you would like them? If I can be of any assistance with local information / pictures you need only to ask. I noticed also the Emails of Mr Frank Hohmann, he has dropped me a couple of pleasing Emails.

Thanks very much for your time, keep up the good work, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks Clinton Bock.

P.S. Do you have any extended information about the B-17 that crashed at Hughes NT. I've got a couple of good pictures of this airstrip too if you would like them also. Tell me what you think of my site.

Thanks again.



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