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(Photo: Vic Jeffery Collection)

An aerial view of one of the Army's two former MK XV 9.2-inch gun sites
of Scriven Battery on the western side of Garden Island, in Western Australia.


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(Photo: Vic Jeffery Collection)

Closeup of Scriven Battery,
Garden Island, WA


Photo:- via Darryl Parent

Remains of one of the gun emplacements at Scriven Battery


(Photo: Vic Jeffery Collection)

A holidaymaker inspects one of the two Mk XV 9.2-inch guns of the Army's Scriven Battery
located on the western side of Garden Island in Western
Australia in 1956. Placed in
combat storage in 1945, the guns were sold
for scrap in 1962.


The remains of Scriven Battery can be seen on Google Earth just west of the northern end of HMAS Stirling Naval Base on Garden Island. Scriven Battery was proposed as part of the 1938 upgrade of Western Australian coastal defences. It was initially deferred but construction eventually commenced in December 1942. There were many delays and the two BL 9.2" Mk XV guns were eventually mounted in mid 1945 but were not operational before the end of the war. The Scriven Battery was to combine with Olivers Hill Battery on Rottnest Island in a counter bombardment role protecting Cockburn Sound and Fremantle from seaward bombardment.



"The Unit Guide, The Australian Army 1939 - 1945 Volume 3 of 6" by Graham McKenzie-Smith AM



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