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The Royal Australian Navy had a tunnel system under Potts Point, Garden Island in Sydney, New South Wales. They contained a power station, offices, air raid shelters and a command centre. There were other tunnels which seemed to head further under Kings Cross area.

In the late 1960's there were still some old tables in the rooms in the tunnels and what looked like some old sound powered phones. There were still some papers stuck on the walls in places.

Some of the tunnels under the Garden Island Naval Depot were built to be able move guns from one side of the island to the other. They are perfectly straight tunnels. There are also old tunnels used to transport ammunition. Under and around the Captain Cook Dock there are a whole range of tunnels associated with the dock itself (the dock was built during the war) and rooms housing such things as pumping valves etc. The tunnels are now used for electrical wiring and communications. 

There is also a pit (now sealed) that was built in the 1800's that was to be used to store provisions should the island ever come under siege. 



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