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Photo: Vic Jeffery

Preserved 9.2 inch gun at Oliver Hill Battery on Rottnest Island. Yet to be restored.


Photo: Vic Jeffery

Restored H1 9.2-inch gun at Oliver Hill Battery on Rottnest Island


Photo: Vic Jeffery

The unrestored H2 9.2-inch gun of the former Oliver Hill Battery on Rottnest Island in
Western Australia. The Wadjemup Hill Lighthouse can be seen in the distance (obscured
by the barrel) with the wartime constructed wooden Port War Signal Station and the brick
Battery Observation Post to the right facing the Indian Ocean.


Photo: Vic Jeffery

An internal view of H1 gun house at Oliver Hill Battery
showing the breech of the 9.2-inch gun


Photo: Vic Jeffery

 Looking upwards in a restored wartime Army tunnel
at the Oliver Hill Battery. This tunnel system links the
H1 and H2, 9.2-inch guns of the Oliver Hill Battery.


Photo:- Barry Chant 9 May 2017

Battery Observation Post on Rottnest Island


The Battery Observation Post on Signal Ridge was built in 1938 had the code name "The Fork" and the troops referred to it as "Queen Anne's Mansions". There were two other Battery Observation Posts on the island at Bickley Battery. The Battery Observation Post had instrumentation that measured target information which was passed on to the plotting rooms and guns on Rottnest Island and the other batteries in the Fremantle Fortress area. The top floor of the Battery Observation Post was used to direct and observe the guns at the nearby Oliver Hill Battery. The Fire Commander was located in the Fortress Observation Post on the floor below. The nearby lighthouse was occupied by the Royal Australian Navy during WWII.


Army Stores buildings on Rottnest Island



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