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Alastair Bowie told me about some "bunker-like" structures he had found on Kurrajong Ridge in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales about 50 to 100 metres from the Miles Communication site overlooking the Richmond Airfield. There is a house on the opposite side of the road about 100 metres away. The "bunkers" are accessed via a dirt road that runs down the top of the Kurrajong Ridge. The ridge has three large communication towers on it. Kurrajong Heights Ridge is a very dominant feature looking over the Windsor area in Sydney's west and directly above and to the west of the Richmond Air Force base.

There are two rooms and a concrete pit with an inbuilt ladder assembly. The pit had been filled in somewhat so its actual depth couldn't be ascertained. Alastair guessed that it was at least 3m deep, 1.5m wide and 2.5m long. There was also a concrete slab which seemed to be a pedestal mount 2 x 2 m.

The two rooms were about 3 x 4 metres and one was like a garage, with steel access doors. The power outlet seemed similar to US ones he had seen at Balcombe and Exmouth but was not certain.


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Photos - Alastair Bowie Dec 2002  


I received information from Ian O'Toole in August 2006 that the structures were constructed by an electrician who also had a house on the site. Apparently he could not keep up his mortgage payments and had the house destroyed before the bank could take it back! Ian had been told a property search will show that the property belongs to "Which Bank". Ian's source of information was the gentleman who was employed to knock the house down to the ground. Ian has been over the site and the various types of electrical fittings remaining in the "bunker" area would back up the "electrician" story".

I have previously found information that there was an Operations Building and Remote Receiving Building somewhere in the Richmond area during WW2. It was initially thought that these "bunker" like structures may be the site of the Remote Receiving Building perhaps? But this theory was debunked by Justine Geake from the "Hawkesbury Gazette" in late April 2009. Justine carried out some great detective work and eventually tracked down Kurrajong Heights resident Don Poole who used to play in the area when he was a youngster back in the 1970's and camp there when he was a bit older.

Don Poole confirmed that the structures on site were built by Don Gowing who used to own and drive a large Rambler Rebel. He built the structures as storage sheds to store his tools and the pit was so that he could works on his cars. Justine Geake tracked down Don Gowing who told Justine that he had intended to build a house on the land. He eventually sold the land to a developer. The 95 hectare block of land was up for sale in May 2009.

Since this article "Hawkesbury Gazette" I have been contacted by someone who has told me the possible site of the Richmond Operations Building and Remote Receiving Building which is closer to the Richmond Airfield.



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