Roy Tutty told me that his mother worked in the Civil Defence First Aid Post located in a "bunker" in the north west corner of Queens Park near the corner of Warburton Street and Burke Street, North Ward, Townsville. When the air raid siren was sounded, Mrs Helena Clara Tutty would walk with her tin hat and gas mask from her house at 41 Bundock Street up to the First Aid Post "bunker" in Queens Park where other members congregated ready for any possible casualties. Dr Chapman, Henry Breuer and his wife were some of the others who manned the First Aid post in Queens Park.

Sunday mornings were spent at the First Aid Post practicing rescues and patients were brought in. They were assessed by doctors for their proficiency. If the practice did not go well, they would do it all again. Roy Tutty was about 9 years old at the time and was often used as a patient.

The First Aid "bunker" was all above ground, with the "bunker"  being made of timber on the inside and outside with double walls having sand, about 2 feet thick between the walls. Roy thinks it may have had a steel plate on the roof and had grass and weeds growing over it to make it look like part of the park ground from the air. It was partly located under fig trees in the park.


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville



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