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There are rumours that there is a bunker under the parade ground behind the 301 Regional Cadet Unit Barracks (Bobdubi Barracks opened in 1956) in Echuca, Victoria with a passage that runs for about 10 meters into a room of unknown size. It is also rumoured that there are numerous rooms leading off the passage way. The only thing that is visible is an elongated hole in the ground which has been blocked by earth and a 2 meter by 1 metre deep hole with supports on the sides.

The 301 Regional Cadet Unit Barracks was previously an Army Reserve barracks for the 8th/7th Battalion Royal Victoria Regiment (8/7 RVR). The building is supposed to be a copy of the reserve barracks in Ballarat except that the one in Echuca does not have a second story.

Neville Claney, a long term resident of Echuca, told me that he has no knowledge of the above bunker and tunnels under the Bobdubi Barracks parade ground.

He did however say that there were shelters where the Echuca Primary School (208) stands today (opposite the old Technical College). They were filled in around 1950. The shelters were large and had rooms off the tunnels. Neville said that he was down inside them many times until they were blocked off. Their prime role was to shelter the Technical school pupils and staff in the event of an air raid attack.

Neville believes there may have been some other air raid shelters at the rear of the Moama Public School as well.


Echuca Ordnance Factory



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