Lee Uprichard told me about an underground building which he found by accident near Hencamp Creek at Rollingstone in north Queensland in about early 2003. The property owner, Mr Emilio Gottani, unearthed it while putting in a new dam. It had 4 columns which are concaved and about 7 to 8 feet long. It is built out of brick about 3 to 4 bricks thick. There were three styles of white wedge shaped fire bricks and they were stamped with "Ebbw Vale" and "Campbell" and "B". There were some other red bricks that looked to be hand formed and had sun-dial markings on their ends.

It was buried 3 to 4 feet below the surface. It looks like there may have been 4 kilns or furnaces in the building. There are curved bottoms at the back, possibly where there may have been a chimney. There were a few bits of old tin or iron sheeting in the area.

Local archaeologist, Bill Hankin, believes it could be the remains of four old kilns from a very old brick works, forge or smelter..

The Rollingstone area was used extensively by the military during WW2.

Lee thought it may have been a crematorium or possible a furnace to burn mustard gas at the end of the war. He found a drain filled with river stones running to a gully and another drain filled with yellow clay. There was a lot of ash in a gulley and some ash spread over a paddock. He became covered in a rash after picking melons in the area.


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