The Bankstown W/T Station RAAF also known as the Bankstown Transmitting Station RAAF was located on a 14 acres, 3 roods property immediately north of the intersection of Johnston Road and Rex Road, Bass Hill near Bankstown in New South Wales. It was associated with No. 2 Aircraft Park RAAF at the nearby Bankstown Airfield which was just over 1 mile south of the Bankstown W/T Station, The RAAF Bankstown Signal Station was located at the Bankstown airfield.

The site was approved and a request to arrange for hiring and then acquisition of the property was made on 11 December 1940. A file in National Archives states:-

"For your information, it is proposed to erect two 150 ft. towers and several 70 ft. masts at this location."

The Squadron Leader in charge of RAAF Station at Bankstown Airfield indicated in a letter dated 28 April 1941 to the Directorate of Signals, Air Board, at 129 Swanston St, Melbourne as follows:-

"In accordance with instructions received from Warrant Officer BONDINI at the time of his visit to this station on 10th April, 1941, the proposed site for the transmitters has been inspected. The site is cleared and fenced, and is ready for building operations. The remote control line has not yet reached the site."

The Postmaster General's Department installed the towers, masts and aerial equipment etc at the site. The W/T Station at Bankstown was used for local operational signals traffic and was also used for Eastern Area Headquarters signals traffic.

The small power house at the site comprised a 37.5 K.V.A. Braybon Brothers Alternator, 3 phase, 415 volt complete with exciter, two panel switchboard, which was mounted with necessary switches, contactors and instruments. An underground fuel tank was installed to supply fuel to the alternator.


Plan:- NAA

The property used by the Bankstown W/T Station.
Johnston Rd is incorrectly labelled as Johnson Rd.


Plan:- NAA

The two squares either side of the Transmitter Hall and
 Kitchen appear to represent two large 150 feet wireless masts


Plan:- NAA

Transmitter Hall and Kitchen


Photo:- 1943 AUSIMAGE Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Transmitter Hall and Kitchen building can
be seen just below the centre of the photo


Photo:- 1943 AUSIMAGE Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Closeup of the Transmitter Hall and Kitchen building


Photo:- NAA

Bankstown W/T Station camouflaged to represent a farm and
orchard. The trees near the wireless tower are all fake. I assume
this photo was taken from the other wireless tower & the transmitter
 hall and kitchen are off the bottom of the photo out of sight.


The site was still under RAAF Control in July 1948 with records in National Archives describing the "clearing of grass and bush from and about the main aerials and feeder lines". A purchase order was issued on 2 August 1948 for the demolition of blast revetments surrounding the buildings at the transmitting station and the removal of salvageable timber for storage at No. 2 Stores Depot, at Regents Park. These revetments were constructed of timber and sandbags.


Bankstown Remote Receiving Station RAAF


1 Fighter Sector Headquarters Bunker Bankstown




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"W/T Transmit. Stn. Bass Hill, Bankstown NSW Clearing of Grass and Bush", NAA file

"RAAF - Bankstown NSW W/T Facilities, Buildings and Services", NAA file



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