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There is a well preserved Ammunition Magazine located below the road to the top of Castle Hill in the North Ward area of Townsville. It is so well concealed that most people do not even know that it is there.


The two entrances to this Ammunition Magazine situated below the road up Castle Hill


A rock retaining wall is located in front of the Ammunition Magazine. This wall leads to a smaller wall supporting a path that leads directly off the edge of the Castle Hill road in to the Ammunition Magazine. The steel doors have been removed from the two entrances. 


The two entrances to this bunker


One of the two entrances


The floor and walls inside the bunker


One of the corners inside th bunker


Another corner inside the bunker


During WW2 the slopes of Castle Hill that faced Rowes Bay and the Strand, were probably used to locate some defensive machine gun emplacements and possibly some mortar pits. Perhaps this Ammunition Magazine was used to resupply these defensive positions.


WWII Bunker Tour of Townsville


"North Queensland Line: The Defence of Townsville in 1942"
By Ray Holyoak


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