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The Semi-subterranean Station Operations Room (SSSOR) near Amberley Airfield was commissioned on 25 May 1942 with a compliment of 3 Controlling Officers, 3 Sergeants previously from ArcherfieldIt is now referred to as Building FAC AP1-1 and used as the RAAF Security & Fire School, Amberley. It has been painted white.

The Register of the National Estate states that the structure appears to have been a shared facility between US and RAAF Commands. Entry to the subterranean rooms was via a now closed off entry point, reportedly located in the corner of a large room now used by Instructional staff as an administration office. The extent of the subterranean area appears to be unknown.

It was one of a number of local command headquarters constructed. It was located approximately 300 metres from the Amberley Airfield just off the Southern Amberley Road. It was built on the site of an old quarry and is apparently listed on the Ipswich Heritage Register Item No. 03-10170001. This site was chosen as the land at Amberley airfield was fairly swampy in nature.

This bunker may have been used by the United States military during the Vietnam War.



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