1 Sergeant and 118 Ordinary Ranks of the 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery moved from Brisbane to Townsville by train from Roma Street Railway Station on Sunday 8 March 1942 under the watchful eye of Captain Anthony Louis. Steindl (QX53200 & Q49512), RAA (M). The rain was scheduled to leave Roma Street at 2020 hours. The 11th Infantry Brigade arranged for their reception and subsequent movement once they arrived in Townsville.

Battery Headquarters 16 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery was established on the western side of Jimmy's Lookout adjacent to the Belgian Gardens Cemetery and not far from Garbutt Airfield. The Queensland Main Roads Commission began excavating for the Battery Command Post at Jimmy's Lookout on 9 January 1942.


Photo:- WWII NQ - Howard Pearce, EPA

Battery Command Post at 16 HAA Battery
Headquarters on western side of Jimmy's Lookout


Gun Stations were established at a number of locations around Townsville:-

393 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station at Mount St. John - March 1942

394 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station at Pallarenda - January 1942 with no ammunition

395 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station  at The Strand - December 1942

396 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station at Aitkenvale - January 1943

445 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station at Nelly Bay - about February 1942

476 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station at Ross River - September 1943


The Defence arrangements in the Townsville area required all Allied aircraft to enter the Townsville restricted area by a specified "Lane of Entry". On 28 March 1942,both the RAAF and USAAF were reminded of these arrangements by the G.O.C. Northern Command following two recent occasions where a 16 HAA Battery, probably Mount St John or Pallarenda had opened fire on friendly aircraft which had not followed appropriate entry procedures.


Funeral ceremony at the US Armed Forces Cemetery at the Belgian
Gardens Cemetery. Jimmy's Lookout can be seen in the background.
A concrete bunker is still located at the right hand side of the hill.


Jimmy's Lookout can be seen near the middle of the photo at the left hand
 side of the cemetery. Garbutt airfield can be seen in teh background.



Northern Command Base HQ's War Diary March 1942 Part 1



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