History and Underwater Exploration
of a B-25 Mitchell Bomber in New Guinea 1943
by Walt Deas

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Set in the depths of the waters off Papua New Guinea, "The Bomber Reef" DVD will take you on a voyage of historic discovery.


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Review of "The Bomber Reef" by David Gunn,
Editor of the 38th Bomb Group's Sunsetters Newsletter:-

It truly is a 38th Bomb Group documentary. There are beautiful scenes of the people and their celebrations and of the places we flew over as they appear today. There are several scenes of B-25s flying in formation and strafing targets. The parafrags are shown drifting down behind bombers. The story of 7 December, 1942, is there. The Doolittle raid is there. The flight of the 38th across the Pacific, the story of the five planes that arrived over Grafton after dark on Aug. 14 and their end are shown and told. Ground shots of the crash areas tell their own story.

The story of Capt. Herry's ditching off Madang is shown and told. The following capture and brutal end of the survivors, except for Col. Cox, is told. His transportation to Rabaul, then Tokyo and his final release is there. Significant moments show many of our own people, face to face. If you don't let the beauty of it all throw you into a trance, it is easy to see what a nightmare of a place to wage war New Guinea really was. That thick, impenetrable jungle draped over steep mountain sides is there. The story leads up to several minutes of undersea photography of the ditched plane and its discovery. Many scenes of its coral encrusted form as it has become a colorful coral reef are there. The underwater photography of corals and fish is fascinating, with fluid beauty.

Just to see and hear all those B-25s taxiing and flying throughout the video is, for me, sufficient reason to buy the package. 

We owe Walt and Jean a debt of gratitude for this great memorial to the 38th. For everyone, it is a record of historical significance. This couple have received much recognition and many awards for their excellent underwater photography. Their ground and aerial photography is also meritorious. Their various works have be shown on British TV.


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