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Spitfire Avenue
Produced and directed by Robert Martin


Brisbane songwriter and filmmaker Robert Martin wrote a song about Spitfire Avenue, the Strathpine street that was one of three World War Two airfields in the area. Robert asked his friend Randy Tooth who lives in the Avenue to sing his song about Spitfire Avenue.

The song which is featured on this Spitfire Avenue DVD, is a tribute to the two RAF British pilots who were tragically killed in a mid-air collision between two Spitfires over the Petrie area on 19 April 1944. The DVD-R tells the tragic story of this collision.

The DVD tells the story of the three airfields, Camp Strathpine and the Australian, British and American service personnel who were camped in the area.

The DVD contains interviews with locals, ex-servicemen, historians and pilots talking about the history of Camp Strathpine during World War 2.


On the 19 April 1944 two RAF pilots from 548 Squadron RAF were killed in a tragic collision in the Petrie area:-

Flight Sergeant Alan Victor Chandler

Squadron Leader William Henry Alexander Wright


This a a PAL format DVD-R


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