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Newstead House
By Roger R. Marks with Peter Dunn

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A photographic record of historic Newstead House in Brisbane. This 24 page booklet uses modern day photographs and WWII photographs to compare the contrast in use of this house during WWII by the Signal Photographic Detachment of the 832nd Signal Service Company, US Army compared to its modern day usage as a historic tourist attraction.

Newstead House located at the junction of Breakfast Creek and the Brisbane River, is the oldest surviving residence in Brisbane. It dates back to 1846 when it was constructed for pioneer Patrick Leslie.

The men of the 832nd Signal Service Company used this historic house as their barracks during WWII. Their photographic laboratory was located in another historic house called "Cintra" located near the rear entrance to "Cloudland" which was also used as an American camp during WWII and was known as Camp Luna Park.

24 Pages

47 photographs

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