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The story covered by  these memoirs is firstly an indication of some changes that have occurred in technical development and lifestyle over a period of about a century, especially up to my retirement at the end of 1983. It is also the story of a person born to humble beginnings during a major depression with a seemingly unreachable but unswerving ambition to fly and to be involved in aviation

Who would believe that a boy from inner Sydney who did not complete his schooling due to the depression, rose to be a competent RAAF pilot in WWII, spotting Japanese submarines off the coast of a Australia.

Who would believe this young man would figure in the growth of Australia's airline industry?  The boy who rode billycarts down the streets of Gladesville, would be buying and selling multi-million-dollar aircraft!  Who would believe that a boy who played jokes on people with a penny, would raise thousands of dollars for charity through Rotary and other community events.

This story should be seen in 5 segments. Namely a brief background on the immediate family, including growing up and early vocations, then 5 years in the wartime Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), 20 years with East-West Airlines, 16 years with the Royal Netherlands Aircraft Factories, Fokker and 27 years, so far, in retirement activities.


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