German Raider and U-boat Attacks off Western Australia
and in the Southern Ocean during World War II
by Kevin Gomm

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"The only possibility of bringing England to her knees with the naval forces of Germany is to attack her supply lines and see communications" Admiral Karl Donitz 1939.

In 2008 the German raider Kormoran was found lying in 2,500 m of water, some 200 kms off Shark Bay in Western Australia. However, little is known that there was actually up to 6 different German raider vessels that operated off the Western Australian coast line. Further to this, was the patrols carried out by the South East Asian based fleet of U-boats, sent out by the Kriegsmarine to wreak havoc in the Indian and Southern oceans. Between them all, they laid mines, sunk shipping, and caused casualties from Cape Leeuwin to Bass Strait, demonstrating to the Australian public that war with Germany was not that far away.

"We know far too little of our own military history" Queensland Premier Anna Bligh following the discovery of the Australian hospital ship "Centaur" January 2010.


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