The True Story of a Female Spy in Australia
by Greg Clancy

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The remarkable story of the Swiss born Nazi spy, Annette Wagner. Her two years in Australia immersed in intrigue and shielded by a skillfully managed facade of deception. Tracked by Military Intelligence, her outstanding credentials in espionage ensured that exposing her ultimate role would never be easy.

Less than 4 months after arriving in Australia in 1938, she acquired espionage's greatest communication asset - broadcasting her own programs on public radio to nationwide audiences - a secure channel for transmitting coded messages.

This is a captivating narrative from within the global Nazi intelligence machine on the eve of World War ll. It includes the link with Japanese espionage in Australia during the late 1930s and presents new evidence in the continuing debate on The Battle for Australia.

Overlooked in the National Archives for nearly seventy years, the story of the broadcasting spy may now be told.


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