The 3 Australian  Corps  Kimberley
  Guerilla Warfare Group  1942 - 1943

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This great historical book covers the role of Major Mitchell's 3rd  Australian  Army  Corps Guerilla  Warfare Group, 101  Field Security, Special Duties groups,  Special Independent Guerilla  Warfare Company, Volunteer Defence Corps, 11 North West Battalion,  and the Derby Garrison in the defence of the Kimberley and the North West.

This book is dedicated to the men who were to be our first line of defence if the Japanese invaded.

For many years "Canberra" denied the existence of these and many other units, much in the manner of a creature possibly met in Alison's adventures, whose  approach to words it could not spell, was to deny their existence.

Almost no records exist of the Guerilla Warfare Group and 101 Field Security. Similarly the West Australian VDC documents are non-existent, having been destroyed at war's end.

Presented, in a generally chronological order, are the detailed letters, diaries, reminiscences and memorabilia of soldiers and journalists associated with the units of interest. From these a good history of the lost units can be gained, primarily in the words of the participants

336 pages, A4 format, soft cover,

311 illustrations, 11 pages in index



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