A Collection of Letters from World War II Hero, Alvin Mueller, Jr.
By Roxolin Bose Krueger

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Roxolin Bose Krueger attended the wedding of her aunt, Roberta Posey of New Braunfels, and uncle, Alvin J. Mueller Jr. of Seguin, as a very young girl in 1934.

Alvin J. Mueller, Jr. joined the U.S. Army Air Corps and eventually became a decorated B-17 bomber pilot in the war in the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA).

In 1942, 31 year old Alvin J. Mueller wrote letters home from the war. He described his day to day life and his role in the USAAC. His loving wife Roberta Mueller kept Alvin's letters. She carefully folded them into envelopes and placed them in order into her scrapbooks.

Alvin J. Mueller became a commercial pilot in California after the war. Unfortunately they divorced in the early 1960s and Alvin died in 1974.

Roberta Mueller never threw Alvin's letters away. When Roberta died in 1998, Roxolin Krueger took home her late aunty's scrapbooks containing the letters which had been kept in her attic.

Roxolin Krueger upon reading the letters, realised their importance and compiled this book "Dearest Bert" utilising the letters from Alvin.

Alvin's letters talk often about his B-17 that he used to fly and his crew and of course his loving wife. Alvin J. Mueller was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Purple Heart and the Silver Star during WWII.

"Thanks to a young wife who saved every letter her
husband wrote from 4 October 1941 until 28 September 1942"


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