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A concise history of Darwin and the events leading up to the war with Japan.

Eye witness accounts by veterans of the Australian Army, Navy, and Air Forces in the defence of Darwin and Northern Australia during WW II.

The 64 Air Raids and the devastation wrought on Darwin.

The strategic importance of Darwin in the South West Pacific defence zone.

Comments from readers: “It is a most impressive book”. “Fantastic”, “It’s great”, “A wonderful resource”, “A copy should be in every school library in Australia”, “It is a very important thing that you have done”,

"To think the government of the day could so blatantly deceive the Australian people as to stamp all documents relating to the attack on Darwin in 1942 as 'Not to be released until 1995'! "

The reality of this situation was the scene was set for the greatest military disaster in Australia's history and when the Japanese attacked Darwin in force with the first 188 aircraft on 19 February 1942, the 10 American Kittyhawks just passing through were quickly annihilated and Darwin left with no air defences whatsoever. In the second raid another 54 bombers pattern bombed the RAAF drome. Altogether 683 bombs were dropped on Darwin that day, enormous damage was done to shipping and installations and casualties were high. It was the biggest air raid of WWII up to that time.


Illustrations:- About 170 Restored Photos from the collections of veterans who served in the Darwin area in WW-II.

Specifications:- A4 (trimmed), 294 pages, "Perfect" bound paperback.

ISBN 0-646-44554-5



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