A mother's home-front battle
By Jacqueline & John Dinan

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Rosie is not alone in her growing apprehension towards Australia's involvement in a war. Like many mothers, she feels helpless as her sons are swayed by the relentless pull of 'mateship' and are lured by the sense of 'adventure' awaiting them in another continent. While yearning for news from them in Northern France, Rosie grapples with the changing reality that war is placing on women on the home front.

A Woman's War takes us into the life of a mother during the Great War. It provides a unique and intimate perspective of how she and other women of her inner-city, working class community endured an incredibly difficult period of Australia's history and exemplified to future generations how to face hardship. This poignant and insightful story reveals tribulations and tragedies not talked about by the generations of women who followed them.


'A remarkable story ... I heartily endorse the book as means of raising awareness of the chronological events of WWI...'

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

'As there are so few books written about war from the point of view of women, this timely and wide ranging record is going to contribute greatly to the long neglected female perspective on wars, invariably started by men'

Dr Jonathan King, Military Historian

Paperback, 269 pages


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